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One-2 - Knoc's Ville lyrics

[Intro: Knoc-turn'al]
Solitary minds, lead to
Solitary confusion

[Chorus: Knoc-turn'al]
(I got some)
Pretty hard f**ing shoes to fill
(I got some)
Pretty fly hoes we can drill
(You can)
Meet me up in Knoc's Ville
(You can)
Meet me up in Knoc's Ville

[Verse 1: Knoc-turn'al]
They say "Knoc, we don't know you no more
Went from LA-C to a Treacherous loco", huh
Even [?] know I'm loco
I'm hard in the paint just in case, you don't know
Gangsters don't choke (you don't know)
Hustlers go for broke (you don't know)
Knoc-turn'al be doing it big
In Tahiti off a side of a boat
(Yeah, my folks)
There ain't no party like a Knoc-turn'al party
'Cause Knoc-turn'al haters ain't at a Knoc's party
And ain't nobody tryna hurt nobody
Mount up for one night and find somebody
Outside posted up is ten Ferraris
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Before ten you in free, don't be tardy
Fishing off the side of my yacht is a hobby
Destiny girl on the side of my coat
Tryna rob me?

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2: One-2]
But can't nobody do what I do the way that I do it
I'm doing it and doing it well, do it until
I get thrown in jail, [?] or get k**ed
For now, I'm in a Jacuzzi
Watch movies and chill
Like Montana, fly pelican fly
One hell of a guy, like Big
Ready to die
I live up to my word, posted up on the curb
We serve currency flourishing
Moving up in the world, emerge
Through the darkness, I dare you to start sh**
Dare with pain, and maintain through my hardship
If you tripping we can take it outside
Leave you with your mouth side
We are from Southside
We got Beretta's to handle all our competitors
Emptying and going through clips like film editors
Me and Knoc-turn'al merc'd the beat
And if you walk in our shoes, you gon' hurt your feet

[Chorus x2]

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