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One-2 - Half Man lyrics

Half Man, Half Amazing
A vet, trained a**a**in
Cut your arm off
100% MC, No I'm not a-a-average

[Verse 1: One-2]
Half Man Half amazing, Caucasian raising the stakes
Half Man Half planet of the apes
The Great like Conan, Barbarian slash viking, A hybrid
Half Vampire half lycan, Fighting mixed martial artist
Knock em out in the octogone
I'm like Pavarotti in the opera house
In my element, Half Man half magician, turn competition into apparitions
With a pen and a pad, I'm like Frankenstein
Half man half creature made inside a chemical lab
Burning confederate flags
Intellectual, heteros**ual waving the middle finger to fags


[Verse 2: Crooked I]
Yo this industry is dark, but I don't give a f**
I'mma air it out
Night Vision goggles to tell me you n***as whereabouts
I told you characters I don't care if the sheriffs out
I swear beware it's terror era I'm paramount
I eat your food to go, haters get carried out
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Teryaki get body with shotty you get buried south
Then I catch your wife on that cherry couch
Give your mary spouse wings to match a canary blouse
Mothaf**a put your Glocks up
When I shoot, pull your socks up, that means duck down
A psychotic freaking schizophrenic a wack job
Sipping a 100 proof, the son of zeus, Half god
Yeah, Putting words in perfect sentence
I'm on the trigger with the index
Looking for the next n***a to bench press
You don't know who your f**ing with fam
Like blindfolded incest, insects


[Verse 3: One-2]
Half Man, Half Bi-Centennial unbreakable titanium
Half Man Half alien waving the next bandana
Half Man half hammer hit sharp the black bandana
Microphone montana
Half man half animal, a centaur, spit thoughts through my mandible
Unpalatable, I catapult in the game, insane in the membrane
Half Man half deranged, loony tune I don't f** with you buffoons
My platoon of goons sh**ting on rappers like we was chewing prunes
Chew till the clips empty
Different sides of me equal to a hundred percent MC


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