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One-2 - Cypher Of Bosses lyrics

[Crooked I]
I'm giving n***as more bars than Vegas Boulevard
Bars on deck, like Xanax, on a package full of card
Bars on deck, like serving booze on a carnival cruise
Until I be old as Methuselah, I'mma be hard as Medusa
Seeing her own reflection, this is a bar fight
Every lyric's a bar stool that I'm beating your solar plexus with
I'm barbaric, as a barber named Eric
I'm y'all parent, only thing I'm leaving to inherit
Is a building with a liquor license
So even when I die, I still give you n***as bars that y'all sharing
Bar Em bar Jay, after them bar none
I'm the best like when Kobe step into Barclay
I'm dark liquor on the highest bar fixture, I'm top shelf
I'm King Louis, I'm a star mixed with a czar
Picture Adolf Hitler walking into a Bar Mitzvah
You'll get f**ed up far quicker, soon as these bars hit ya
That's when you're FUBAR
I'll turn a listener into a prisoner getting transferred n***a, I give ya new bars
We too hard, first time C.O.B hit the B.E.T cypher you'll see my crew bars

[Julius Luciano]
I'm never losing in a fight
I get in you pussies like an intrauterine device
You're friends can join the battle, add em in, I'm adamant
While pulling ribs out of men through abdomen like Adam and Eve
Every famous b**h can meet my cock
When I see Laila Ali I wanna see her box, what I mean, her twat
You rappers phony, you don't treat this like art
I'll pull your vocal cords through your chest, now speak from your heart
I'll make you calm down dog, like Cesar Millan
Julius probably transforming Diesel, he's in his prime
I'll have you sliced up, delivered to your moms house in a box
When she open it she'll have Little Caesar's in mind
Shoe Gang's the very best, it's true man like Harry S
I'm a few spades short of 52 cards, you can inspect a deck
No Wu-Tang, no Red and Meth
No 2Chainz, I'm wearing Techs
I bare arms like a sweater vest
Boom bang! Prepare for d**h

[Kenny Siegel]
Like studying archery with Parkinsons
It ain't quite safe to spar with me
I'm far from being a Lightweight
I'll punch your heart to the right side of your chest
So your heart can be in the right place
Remarkably, I'm hard to see on a bright day, my nacho
Soon as a beat come on, I go off
When I buss it, it's no fair
Lames must pay, so it's gon' cost
No public transpo' talk, the subject sounds so soft
The bussin' should become known as f**-in' pillow talk
Better remember to mention us if your talkin' this industry
You're deuces with iron chutes, call that my piece pipe
Have your brain running out your skull, that's how I jog your memory
If I split your mind in two, maybe next time you'll think twice
Third eye I'll blink thrice, tell n***as stay calm
I'm holding on a bomb and napalm in a palm
I'm Bombs Over Baghdad, search for peers find where they pads at
Throw bombs over it in Baghdad

[Andrew 'Dice' Dinero]
I can have your dudes merk'd without laying a hand on ya
Send goons to choke ya, I call that a gag order
My flow deadly, spit raps that'll k** ya
I'm ill styles, I kick like Anderson Silva
I swing a bat, cave in your dome mane, lames scatter
The batcave is what, domain Wayne Manor
They call me Bruce Bruce, cuz I'm a mix between Wayne and Banner
But I'm more like Thor, cuz I wave the hammer

[Demetrius Capone]
Man this is not a flick, I'm the man with the iron fists

[Andrew 'Dice' Dinero]
I'm blammin' the llama quick, chopper spit, run for cover
Ran in your mama's crib, hand on my giant dick
Then rammed it inside the b**h, I'm a sick mother-f**er
If you cross me, it could get costly
I gotta silence em like Brad Pitt, I'm k**ing you softly
I stay strapped with biscuits
You send a few shots at me, I'll send a few more
I call it payback with interest

[Demetrius Capone]
I nut in your b**h eye, and nut in that freak's ear
Tell her stand back, there's nothing to see here
You see me coming when I come on the scene
Your highness is fly a jet, f** it, I'm King Lear
Okay, you in some sh** like a sodomy stick
You'll probably hit the lottery before any rhymer you get can get me
The special nominee quick like Obama get Mitt Romney
My b**h is bad as this economy prick
You wanna be the street King, I'll beat you like you Rodney and sh**
I'm top dog like a bottomless pit

[Andrew 'Dice' Dinero]
When it come to bars and a hard sentence

[Demetrius Capone]
I'm about that life, I break into a prison to put my bid in
Like I can't wait to do a sentence
I see the future, you gone need my supervision
I'm the cross between God's son and d**h
Like a crucifixion, we the new religion

M.L.K dream, clean switch the angle
Shackles off my feet now we can tangle
Now I'm like Django in the kangol
And a banner got a question and its star-spangled
Bow tie, bean pie, Stacies
All black to the roots, late great A. Haley
God from God, y'all should about face me
All praises due to Allah, devil ajace' me
They say he changing like Shyne Po
Visions much clearer since removing that blindfold, ride slow
Moving like Moses in my Levi, old school Lacostes and Adidi
We fly as Abdul-Jabbar knee-highs
Used to pa** up 42 on 17th in the G-ride
In that old school Nelly, E.I
No Jesus piece, I'm on my G high, Eastside

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[Jerzy J]
I've turned liquids to solids, solids to liquids
Demolished the competition, I'm so polished and gifted
Think right side masculine, left side feminine
Tap into my brain til that power is limitless
Cut from the cloth of ancestors in the pyramids
Left writings on the wall we all need to experience
History's a mystery, that's why I'm mysterious
As it all leaks, it explains why I'm imperious
Indigenous, melonated spirituous
But you can only see me with the least physical images
I have the power to travel through portals
Talk to the immortals, receive knowledge of oracles
No Morpheus, Neo, Trinity
Just haters and less friends more enemies
My delivery is chemisty
The flow is so cold that it shivers me
Haters give me energy

Make him remember we was working a craft, searching perfection
When n***as took an advantage of being an adolescent
So to whom it may concern when the bills go into collection
To the question, new women don't cry, but mother wields an exception
He normally bury the pain like a hoarder lookin' to borrow
The sorrow of seeing tomorrow just adds today to our collection
So who are you to wonder how hunger took him from under to overrated
They favorite, then played you inside they playlist
They played you until you played out
Play out into the back
Until n***as gettin' was written and won't underplay you back
They wanting to pay you back, for skipping over your tracks
And they knew you before you blew, so they wanna make up for that
But friends turn into lovers, lovers turn to supporters
Supporters that only love us for loving what we do for em
Like take the ??? of our ??? and put em off in a fortress
I'm fortunate that my ??? ??? is worth the performance

[Pac Ten]
Ten is so D.C in fact, I'm RG3 in rap
Potent is the key of crack
??? what the dopers see
Fiending are the tweakers, let the speakers engineer the track
Poise through the white noise, adhere to the fear of black
You n***as ghost, and now n***a near a pack
I'm joystickin' while you coy fishing
Navy Seal ????? all deployed on big boy missions
Boy get foul with ya boys missing
Double-cross a boss born Christian
And perform christenings, present day I ignore Christmas
What's a wish list to the wishless? I was born gifted
Thirteen strands in a man that was made different
Reptilian shape-shifted, construct a COB cobra, shout it like Destro
One shot to the dome, or a breath of asbestos
See the way he die, so learn to live and just let go

I don't pay attention to subliminal rhymes, I got minimal time
Plus feminine feelers aside is something I don't oblige
By the way, these are the sickest of spitters
So if I'm spitting picture perfect, it's safe to say I'm a spitting image
Soon as the gavel hits, I'll bury you in the gravel pit
You grapplin' with the man who got bars sharper than javelin tips
I spit 1000 degrees Fahrenheit
At a different level its safe to say it ain't fair in height
What's a lighter to a torch? It ain't the same
What I'm trying to say is you can't hold a candle to my flame
Better admire it, my resume client list is longer than Snoop Lion's spliff
I love the block, I got the corner smothered
You rappers is animated, shoulda warned a brother
2013 I'm hogging it all
Top of my empire, but never dropping the ball

It's that Filipino lyricist, intricate as the pyramids
Bright and serious, mine can access the infinite
My spirit is en-caged far away cuz I slay Satan in the future
They locked my brain in the space station
This enslaved nation got a fake history
The Gods teach me off of dimethyltryptamine
And you ain't sh** to me if you don't ride with C.O.B
Lyrically we got the chemistry to summon Elohim
And Mach-6 through your optics with my octaves
Lyrical content got your conscious a mosh-pit
That's how I rock it in the booth, you can not mock it
Any topic these rappers opposite of gnostic
The truth is you're fly, but can't get off like an ostrich
So we got your bird's tied and whole crew for hostage
SSUTT SSUTT, COB could salute to the covenant
And when it's time, look up, find me on the mothership

Straight boss like Don Soprano
In the Murciélago, with my partner God, go
Putting hits out of all this
Get the job done, I'm the one given orders, pulling strings like guitarists
My clique be the hardest, we carry nines
Since your thoughts are clouded, I'mma blow your brains to help clear your mind
Cuz I need undivided attention, headliner not the honorable mention
When I grab the shotty, I'll have your body
Hit the ground harder than the car without a suspension
Exceptional linguist, s**ing your temptress
Have her body bending like a flexible gymnast
I f** her and act wild
Even my clothes fashion designers need anger management, cuz I got mad style
I'm bad to the bone
Like a student getting home schooled, and I'm in a cla** of my own

Circle of Bosses, I'll serve ya til your purple and nauseous
Step in my circle then I'll hurt you, watch me convert to Colossus
Versus me, you getting merk'd in the process
Getting burned like Germans in office, burned like a person from Auschwitz
Getting dropped to the curb by your armpits, verbally making your car flip
Turbulence drop murdered the hostage
Convert to gobs, I converse with the martians
Hurling objects at you, the size of one-third of the continents
The plot thickens like mosh-pits caught in a crossfire
The TAR spits, probably gonna cost you a cartridge
The thought process like Doctor Robotnik
Mobbin' down the block trying to open up shop with a lock pick
I use my third eye constantly
So I don't get burned like a third reich colony
Every single word like reverse psychology
Take your f**ing b**h and teach her how to ride a dirt bike properly, yeah

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