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One-2 - Black Cadillac lyrics

[Hook X2]
Chrome grills, chrome wheels, black Cadillac
Khaki suit, white tees, and a Dodger's Cap

[Verse 1: Demetrius Capone]
Thug n***as, snub grippas, friggin' apes
Slugs hit ya, listen, blood drip and hit your Bapes
n***a wait, permit me to demonstrate
Quick squeeze the trigger, click-click leavin' a n***a face down
Click-click, hit him with another round
Then im in another town
Slumped in the bucket, lookin like im duckin down
Im sick-sick, sick in the dome with the frozen flow
Sittin on the chrome in Kobes, 24s to the flo, then a n***a rollin' slow

[Verse 2: Kenny Siegel]
Kenny claps, semi-straps, see croanies or see police
They spending snaps and it sag, lean on me, hat lean on me
Like deal with us, this rohill??, n***a, wrist chill lil n***a
Sit, we still n***as, just chill
My pimp game insane, take notes
Never see me with the same dame yo
Change hoes the minute I change clothes
My game cold, you lames ain't know
Dudes trippin on the cash the Shoe's spending
Our Lac's got shoes spinnin', the stacks and cute women
The khaki suit denim it match the new fitted
There really is no reason for asking who's winning
The U-Pimps!

[Hook X4]

[Verse 3: One-2]
Black on black Cadillac, with that engine kitted
All windows, limo tinted
Catch me with my kinfolk in it
Khaki suit, Dodger fitted
Straight to the top, where we headed
Ain't tryna stop us, God forbid it
Money on my mind, I gotta get it
I'm better than any competitor they can all get menaced
Who got the nerve to test em, swerve through intersections
Turn left from Los Feliz, merge on the west and
Pa** little old me and yea, let em know in the media??
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But it hurts when your own people deny the talent they see in ya
Backstabbers deceiving ya, until the day you make it
They are flabbergasted and act as if they've always believed in ya
In the dash, we stash guns with the clips
Fool pigs, pull us over cause we young and successful
Four-door, wanna shine, that's why we dodging the po-po
Getting do like tires, I'm tryna stay low-pro
You can catch me in the trenches, or maybe me at the party
Pullin up with an army of black Cadillacs and Benz it's the…

[Hook X4]

[Verse 4: Julius Luciano]
When I pull up in the magnum, girl sit in that
Next I pull out the magnums and ram in a kitty cat
Me caught slippin', how you figga that, if you got a strap
Pull out the magnum - BRRRRATT
On my lap where im putting that, n***a
Pullin that trigga, fast as Im pullin bad strippers
If a ho with a friend, take em both to the crib
I pull a Jack Tripper, Mr. L has been a cap twister
Many ask if im full of that liquor
Not really into that sh** but I been a 'gnac sipper
I gotta dime to sit on my dick see
This woman, she gold as sh**
Let me speak on chick said she don't get tipsy
She get blunted, she known to strip
And beat off her quick, I skeet on her lip see
Its nuttin (nothing) we known to pimp
If you wanna know where we rollin simply
Add a zero to sixty-six hundred, yeah zero to sixty
In minutes man, I move fast like a minuteman
Speaking of quick, when Im freakin a trick Im a menace man
They getting the biz when Im in it man
Yeah, team deep in the club throwin elbows
Jeans creased and cuffed over shell toes
Me and a freak in the cut, we finna cut
Drinkin' so much, we finna rush to the tel-ho
Keepin the ringers with us not our cell phones
Police wanna keep us in cuffs and the jail clothes
I may increasing the bucks til my mail fold??
My peeps man, we won't give up til we well known

[Hook X4]

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