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One-2 - Armenian Emcee Cypher 2015 lyrics


Yo, this thing on?
Ay yo, Armenian emcee cypher 2015
Pentagon Records, (?) 1915 The Movement
DJ Scumbag on the 1's and 2's

(Verse 1)
Yeah, One-2, get 'em
Once again it's the (?)
Young Uno, Yeah, Uh
Standing on top of Mars, I saw
Rip my sword like (?) part warrior, part Armenian
Musical icon charges arts in war
Global, f** a local throne, part of the commition
Persona reminiscing of young Michael Coolio
Y'all know who the nicest, one's flow is priceless
Raw is cult cooking and cut throat like ISIS
Raps, (?), punch cats, crush their frame
Make you punk fags look like the hunchback in Notre Dame
My name rings a bell, I'm ill at live shows
On stage I see sun sitting which means I raise hell uh
The (?) won't even witness who's next
Head of the curb, American history (?)
Got a universal style, Uno's versatile
(?) my ex apache unibrow
The (?) cause panic, automatic tech spraying
Spattering red stains on shirts like pom (?)
Should be casualites with punctured clavicula
Let in the beastiality but One's a f**ing animal

[Mickey Mook]
(Verse 2)
Yeah, it's Mickey Mook b**h
sh** plead, b**h please
f** all that sh** set
I roll this flush on all these hoes, all my sh**'s red
Spent a fortune on my wheels that's a sweep stake
Grinding like I'm Tony, b**h, I've never been a cheapskate
They can't relate 'cus they had enough of us
Cause we'll bang the same hoes from the supper club
They stress wee cut, living like I'm famous
Ain't blessed like we are, these sneezes ain't contagious dog
To make it there I had to go (?), never had the chance to run it like I'm (?), my b**h long gone, my bros still here
We ain't leaving when I say 'leggo, we about to bill here
We rich real, real rich, f** a deal b**h
I'd rather f** a girl and never sell on pill sh**
I f** around in Italy with R-Mean
Dope boys, my hoes on the (?)

[Apollo Poe]
(Verse 3)
Apollo Poe
Yeah, alright, this the one they've been waiting for
Making the sound breaking dawns
Waited around to make the noise
Face to the ground that you hating chores
Keeping it tight like a mason jar
I avoid that clap clap clap like I hate applause
While ya glorify it, I explorify it
I look deep into your eyes where your soul is hiding
The eco's lying knock knock knock and I'm calling it out that chalk called clock and I'm timing it out, that shock of block
No not in my house
Mirror, mirror on the wall, tell me what you see oh
Have you become every thing you thought you would be, no
Then you better go, getting a no-no letting 'em break through
Sauce all up in it, go and visit it, who knows where it'll take you
To a higher place, where the music takes over
Apollo is Pica**o with the bulk of Beethoven
Can't let it go if it stays frozen
I got so much fire from my finger tips you think I'm chain-smoking
I'm (?) letting it rain, I'm in the final stage, (?), inside of the horizon releasing the primal rage-ah
Like Michael and Jane I wanna hear you scream
The world is a stage and you life is just a scene

(Verse 4)
My game's anonymous, with the dead ringers
I run the politics, I'm with the left wingers
The fed rallies, keep trying, but they can't sting us
Catch me at your party on the mic like the wedding singer
After one glimpse your wife wanna marry you
I'm (?), and the homies come and carry you
The whole purpose of this verse here is to bury you
In other words man, we ain't really scared of you
It took a hundred years to try to wipe me out existence
Took 30 years for you to see my persistence
This flow, extraterrestial, coming out your stereo
Like a system downy seeing arials
You are now looking in the eyes of seven psychopaths
And you're only wondering this (?) will last
I'm kicking in third gear like some nitro gas
And I'll be behind (?) to spin cycle cla** ha-haa!

[Hollywood Kid]
(Verse 5)
Now hold up, wait a minute, I ain't with no f** sh**
Take it zero to a thousand watch me k** it real quick
Real sh**, with my brothers in arms dropping these bars
We're the (?) stand tall for the cause we going hard
Hundred years gone by but we still here
No recognition, I'm sitting dicking, the f** is the deal
Boy I'm handy with the steel, sharpshooter like (?)
I'm leaning, I pop the pill, you snitching taking deals
Snitches we shoot to k**, you dissing, I'm in your grill
You tripping, I catch you slipping, we hitting this on the wheel hah
They he went Hollywood, b**h I've been there
You think you know my CD man you better fall back
I'm with the (?), and they face tats
I'm talking facts and Cali where the base at
Got the Luis (?) filled with dirty cash stacks
I only f** with the realest for 'cuz I can smell rats
Real talk, boss walk in my All Stars
Lace up my Cortez when the hood calls
West lost bone and brady, call me (?)
You can find me posted on the east side of the (?) wall

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(Verse 6)
It'll be emcees with the 3-3 peets to eat each piece
While the weak leg struggles with the speech or read this tweaks, I repeat, I reseed each peek or retweet each tweet
Teach geeks the difference between a b**h and a beast
And I mention my rythm for five the premise of this lyrical lineage so acknowledge with homage a hollow, it hits you image, live in you audio, over audio, some'll go animal, make you vomit off of audible, and body whoever, 'ay'body saying gon' body whoever be a body schmurder but box a body yeah about a week later
(?) made 'em, my least favorite, a bunch of AZ slaters
Gon' need caitings, no bearing but the beat saved 'em
So how you gon' fleek when you off beat
Cause when it's all beat, it's honestly beyond beef
Turn in the (?) beat, can be on the corner in California
Before four in the morning, 44" in the prom, the formal warning, the fourn is all you wanted, you'd be cornered in the corridor, where we want (?) open wounds and the cause is more important, supports the (?) from the Porsche to the richest n***as in business, I witnessed them being witty
Degenerate, you the (?) punish sh**, but friends opinions will get you clipped without using the pentascript
So how you gangster with a man-partner
That n***a wouldn't sue a woman unless it risses through hands on 'im

(Verse 7)
There's good G's and there's bad G's
Like it's good cheese and there's bad cheese
Domination, never recessive, I ain't stressing to get aggressive on the rest of you motherf**ers like I'm in (?)
Armenian cypher, my position in this is overdue
Now where's my people at, quit try to act a fool, you already know I'm willing to take you back to school, looking like those hooker s**ing selfie taking wannabee baty boobs huh
Keep calm, take a choking dick while you at it too
(?) skin b**h, and you won't feel that (?) tooth
Now what's a snake when it's in line avenue and what the f**'s a line to the owner of the zoo, you're an amateur
I'll take your books and street status
That's why we Armenian dudes become a beast steady
Like the Middle-East havocs, surrounded by our positions
So get my people to work together f** the competition, homie

[Nazo Bravo]
(Verse 8)
They told me I should quit, saying they know better
When all they did was turn b**h, like Bruce Jenner
These kids is full of sh**, man they need a diaper
Eyes on my target more accurate than a sniper
Money and hoes ain't all a brother knows
When she take off her clothes faster than Amber Rose
I see that you're in denial, put a chip on my shoulder
Ain't that a b**h, around here we say balls up!
Get laid and get paid, I focus on the shine, haters focus on the shade
Tide'll lose friends to d** and gun-play
This one is for the jacker, this one is for the bay uh
Mighty high, I ride for the genocide
Never hit the brakes 'till the motherf**ers penalize
Drive slow, glow to the whole globe
And I make them speak my language every time they say yah-yo
Smash honnies harder than crash dummies
That's the way to cook the chromo
Crumble like cash money
A hundred miles running, untouchable like a nun
I go zero to a hundred for motherf**ers that want it
(Verse 9)
Ten years in the game and I'm OG status
It ain't no second-guessing, know no question who the baddest
Better believe I'm coming to get in and crack it with a pa**ion
Giving the beat a tempo, no matter the instrumental
This lyrical (?) psycho, just give me the (?) I'ma k** those
No matter who we (?) we can blow them out like a hurricane
We told y'all this just a cypher, where master minds get higher
Wanna blast a rhyme, pack my nine, in the back of my mind is murder, murder
Bust my verse, set it off, no matter the cost, I'm the boss
(?) genocide cannot stop us, we're better than ever
Stronger together, (?) and we'll pay
Strap it in the back (?) in the lack, crazy bone he got my back
So I ride around with a dirty thirty, (?) ebola
(?) I'm the illest, I'm the coldest and you know it, time to show it Big-L

[capital Z]
(Verse 10)
Short time only
Limited supply
Sky is the limit but the limit is the sky
L.A veteran, f** her, you could never win
You can catch me on the front porch with the beverage
Name another lawyer that got this much leverage
Believe Z when I say I don't need a reverend
35 years old, doper than I've ever been
All about better men, f** the back-paddling
Your swag on a million, my swag all on one
Imagine if I turn it up a notch, y'all done
Closet full of clothes, you got nothing to wear
Hundred numbers on your phone, you know none of them care
500 FaceBook friends, lonely as hell
A dozen differen aspirations and all of them fail
I was lucky enough to learn lessons enough mo'
Decluttering you life's the best investment yo
You gotta find the right amount of energy to use
Give a little to a lot or a lot to a few
It's up to you, lift my brothers up with all that I got
Cause my circle so tight, you can call it a spot
I got you

(Verse 11)
Maybe I'm crazy but this moment here truly divine
Sometimes following your heart means losing your mind
And this is sanity, hip-hop my one true love
But the game's in need of a transfusion of new blood
And I'm a donor and that dough flow I just don't condone it
Cause this sounds as dope as oxycodone don't it?
And I don't know an opponent that could compete and rip the mic as hard, if you listen to half of what I'm saying you'd be twice as smart
If you a third as good as me that sh**'s a compliment
Complimentarly a**-whippings go with the condiments
Rappers losing their common sense, the cost of condisending commas, will get to their coffins as best as they continent
Now panic and overreacting, just cause my dick got your b**h over is acting
You take some Naz and some Em
Mix 'em up in a bin, sprinkle a little 2Pac on top
Let the magic begin
(?) with multible sides, I'm kinda like that pastor with sin
Could flick the soda, dick the flow, you don't know the battles amend
Sortered the movement with open wounds
Now we make face the miracles, a flow like the blood of my people dating, fraiting the river
So when I split we all bleed with it
You can't say Armenian without the R-Mean in it
I'm gone

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