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One-2 - Armenian Emcee Cypher 2014 (Hosted By DJ Base) lyrics

[R-Mean: @Rmean]

Rep' for my people , but never discriminate homie
My skin and race irrelevant the love still there
Besides the couple times it turned blue my blood' still red
So bust ya muthaf**in' slugs in the air
See I'm the future no quest' Ready to die now
But hoping to die late Like your pupils on X
Tell me who's to blow next , the flow of d**h will end foes
Rappers like that Sixth Sense movie they've been ghost
They disappearin' my appearance
Apparently pairin' me with a pair of impaired emcees
Comparin' me is a parody ain't no repairing thee
When I'm paralyzin' a pair of beats see despair in your peeps
And paranoia the Pentagon's taking over
But muthaf**as tryna silence the 'P' like pneumonia
Nobody loud as we , this our odyssey til' we make it
So I ride til' I die like I'm driving intoxicated
It's the muthaf**in' Mean hope you ready
Bars so barbaric like Barcelona this sh** here about about to get Messi
Cristiano Ronaldo - the rap version
These cats lack pa**ion , I slap em and crack sternums
These swag rap faggots attack em with gats burnin'
The mic is my scalpel the rap surgeon ...Swervin'
The realest lyricist "R" rip em' apart
They really clitoris all lip and no heart
Who really feelin' this? all livin' with god
"Our Wounds Are Still Open" bars written in blood
So muthaf**in' Mr. know it all ..Pop , Pop , Pop
3 in your head , turn your skull into a bowling ball
....Strike !!

[ApEye: @ApEye_Tak]

When I was young I had a vision
Spit that old school west coast flow like ice-t no Lipton
My flow so smooth that it sounds like I'm crippin
My a** bad news like zack n Cody in the Tipton
Boy, I'm tryna get it while I'm living
Cause if I die my parents gotta work for they living
No trust left for these woman I feel pity
Don't send my homie nudes cause all of us go see your titties
Get with it My sh** go hard
They tellin me my flow tight like a small size fitted
And I'm sick of all these faggots in my business
My verse stood out cause I was all about my business
I ain't talkin about no cars ain't talkin about no b**hes
I'm spittin out that real sh** ain't talkin about no gimmicks
I ain't never rapped about no rapper life that I be livin
I'm just a wheel boy sellin rims for a livin'
Hopin that my life keep spinnin'
Hoping that these motherf**ers like these writtens
If they don't man all I ask is please just listen
That's the only way you'll understand this life I'm livin'

[One-2: @One2Cob]

One-2's like the Armenian Nas of this annual cypher
When it comes to Emceein' most rappers see us as Gods
Heard I'm peaceful? don't believe in them lies
I plan to harm ya, when I'm puttin hands on ya its not a Swedish ma**age
More like a**ault 'n battery, they thought that I was soft
When I actually have more heart than alcoholics sufferin with
Cardiovascular enlargement
I'm talkin with deep philosophical street jargon
Even without a top, yo the flow is so hot
That I still got the windows inside of the Jeep foggin'
Grabbin my balls instead of smilin inside a photo
Excuse my abrasive nature, its just the "G" in me like the Masonic logo
My ominous presence will make your knees tremble
Practicin Tai-Chi inside a Chinese temple
With increased mental abilities;
I make the things that many might consider impossible seem simple
Born with a purpose, I'm fit to do this
Got cougars slidin down the pole, doin slick maneuvers
While we sip Kaluah's, my clicks the truest
One-2 is bringing you that real underground sh** like sewers, huh!

[capital Z: @IAmCapitalZ]

Hip-hop excellence, immaculate bars
Los Angeles, my home, you could find me on a map of the stars
Okay, maybe not, but I ought to be
Only dope emcee you know with a law degree, who hard as me?
My mind is my weapon, I'm just speakin' to 'em
Book smart, street smart, man I'm freakin' fluent
I speak it all, entrepreneur, I did it all
You could find me in the streets, on beats or city hall
Or findin' pleasure breakin' other stereotypes
No chains, no j**els, I ain't wearin' no ice
I ain't startin' no fights, and I'm very polite
But if you f** with my family, you'll get buried tonight
I got people to empower, I'm not arguin' with haters
In a room full of cowards, it ain't hard to be the bravest
In high school, my teacher said I wouldn't be sh**
So that motivated me to do more than he did
My flow, organic, all-natural, no gimmicks
Comfortable in my own skin, no image
Mix a little 'Pac, a little Bukowski
A little Johnny Cochran, a little LeBowski
I'm that dude, reppin' for my comrades, too
A f**in' All-Star, Chucks is my combat shoes
I'm 34 now, so hip-hop's my younger brother
And I love his a** more than you love your mother
...I am capital Z

[Lil Man: @HollyHoodKid1]

The world watching time to show them what I'm all about
Mind on my money so you know I'm on that paper route
My flow A1 with it I'm knocking rappers off my hit list
This is greatness in the making everyone sit back and witness
I rip it the start of a new era
Talking like you good f** boy I'm better
When you hear them shots ring out see them holes in your sweater
Then you realize you got hit with the beretta
It ain't' nutin' but an LA thang
Double cup off the Mary while I'm swerving lanes
Got choppaz That go bang
Got dealers that gonna' slang
Got k**ers that run up on ya' they yelling out what you claim, Huh
Me and Crazy from the Eastside of our cities
Pasadena to Holly we started from the bottom really
I see you act hard but you really looking silly
Man I'm really bout a milli' you bout' money then you feel me , muthaf**a !

[BlackJack: @ThatsBlackJack]

Whoever step in this M'r F'a is getting severed
Next you internet n***as talkin twitter im clicking metal
On whoever ponder they hotter getting bodied lava
Piranhas that'll have your whole squad hoppin back in ya Honda
Sublime with the grind but im front line with the drama
Fronted lines for dudes you idolize ,and i done made some dollas
Changed their whole style from volatile to being a f**in' problem
Ran rap for miles and probably'll style on who popin'
[Lyrics from: https:/]
And you ain't gotta say the man sick , cuz when the man spit
Emcees get ate , and we ain't talking nick cannon's chick
Known for grippin them hammers and flipping that grammar random
Put platinum plates on the phantom the ones with the panoramic
And fans plans im panning to stans hamper demand
And i'll stamp me and my fam and them grand champion sh**
Answers u wit answers that'll damage ya amateur click
n***as be dancing and sh** thrown the culture away
So whoever throwing shade imma give em the 4-fif and call sway
For the mourning show to tell Tech their'll be a wake
Awake the latent you can take the statement verbatim
And be amazed that a label waited to place em
Cuz the game full of yes men bunch of n***as just Con "Yay"
By any means to fit in them skinny jeans they flambé
Group of fanooks in the booth thinking they cute
Rocking a b**hes boots i grew up on Pac and the chipped tooth

[Big V:]

Now hold up lemme pause for a minute
So deep got my balls all up in it
Have you nod when im finished
Cuz im raw when I kick it
Meet a star that ain't involved with the gimmicks
Rap God in his image, get it all of the strength of my lyrics
Which means I can spit to no beat it won't bother me
I can stand here in a tee that says "I'm weak"
And still be the hardest emcee
Laid back ,but I got a warrior aura
Got a whore in a Ford so I gotta explore her
Im the son of a captain from the USSR
Committing war crimes everytime I'm spittin these bars
I be k**in em ,one verse at a time
You simple minded mother f**ers are spittin nursery rhymes
I was built in a furious forge
Beastin make King Kong look like Curious George ...Its V baby!

[Nazo Bravo: @NazoBravo]

Fresh off the yacht, the Wolf on Ya'll Street
They say that mothaf**a hard, concrete
Young Bravo, so goes the saga
So cold, I could mold ice cubes from a bowl of lava
This for my generals that's locked down
In a compound, tell a hater calm down
Cuz when your girl leave your house mad as hell
I'll have her at my crib, Happy as Pharell
It ain't hard to tell
Cheapskates takin cheap shots below the belt
But victory is sweet b**h, tell me how it taste now
100 percent Hye but Black from the waist down
Game changer, like I'm holdin the remote
The game's got cancer, and I'm the f**in' chemo
I seen your Instagram, stuntin hard, twerk
Make it jerk... b**h get a job, work
On my grown man sh** wit a bad chick
Gettin ratchet, if she throw it Imma catch it
I told you maricons my zone is Mighty Hye
Still I rise and it's no surprise
And to the homie who told me that I would never do sh** wit it
I still love you, but you're a f**in idiot

[Lil' Crazy Loc: @Crazyloc1]

My dope flow seems like its coming out of Medellin
Feening have you coming back like you on Methamphetamine
See I'm an Armenian , they had to let me in
Now u see me in headlines live on CNN
Feds confined me, news defined me grimy
How da hell da find me if they try to deny me
I'm that 1 out of 99, 9mm behind me Thats the 1 reason why Capone-E & Criminal signed me
Cashes all handed advances big bank enhances now you tell me the chances
Rock crowds and attractions, Madisons ma**es
Hampton mansions from Manhattan ta Kansas
France ta Amsterdam, Birmingham ta Japan
On behalf of me & LiL' Man I wanna' thank all the fans
Keep your day job fam , I do this for a livin'
Times slippin' missin' listen'
You can hear the diamonds ticking

[P'Knuckle: @PknuckleMusic]

I'm back by popular demand, i'm here to take the stand
They're saying i'm the truth so i'm raising my right hand
To keep it one hundred i was weighing a thousand grams
Reading your comments on youtube and instagram
Im jus speeding through life you're posted hating like a bike cop
Only see eye to eye when i'm pointing that cyclops
Won't hesitate for a moment to put you in that pine box
So disrespectful ell you to go and get your shine box
Got this game in a cobra clutch, shame you don't know of us
Insane in the brain take off my mask so you know its us
My cosa nostra busts, ain't nobody cold as us
Mixing coc and dust the cold crush brothers couldn't cope with us
Drugs yeah i sold a few, thugs help mold a few
Still don't change the fact that i could still spit a quotable
Do this for my people say my name right when you speak it
Been doing this since OG's were sitting back drinking old english
Arguing back and forth about who is the best out
Needless to say its hunting season time to pull your vest out
I"ll clip you in the barber shop, smoke you in the hookah lounge
Sharkeisha you mother f**ers on the porch of your mamas house!

[Apollo Poetry: @ApolloPoetry]

Product of a genocide. Show you how we all survive
Apollo is an archaeologist, I find them petrified
I told them that I'd get them high, without giving them a redder eye
Just a retina that's inside the forehead, in the center eye
I'm the one that holds me back
Got the ball sack for the Cognac
With the coke jack, you on coke, Jack?
Kick a dope rap, bring em all back
Lit a flow match
Spitting a little, the middle's a pillar to fill in the healer, while k**ing the k**er that's hidden within her; belittle that riddle and get your soul snatched
Bits of the brittle'll get the flow cracked, if in the middle, get on your own track
Dig her, not with her but give her the dizzle, you spending a little, thinking you really own that?
Know, that, I'm a creep in- like I'm suppose to
90's style with more drive than a chauffeur
I own wax salons, and you are an Armenian chick
In other words, you keep me rich
I'm the only kind who makes fun of his own kind
Who makes up with his own mind
Who wakes up at his own time, Neo. I'm Feeling wealthy though I'm very broke
I told yall to google my name cause I couldn't afford SEO
Won't rap that I move more coke than Pepsi Co
Fukushima in the Pacific with a deadly flow
So I sip it, the liquid, to brim I'm a fill it, then tilt it n' spill it, for those who ain't here
Inhale it, and let it just hit in the spirit, and feel it within it, for those who went there
Breathe in the air, feeling prepared, cause' I'm the craziest
With a flow so sick, it turned God into an atheist


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