Omen - Elephant Eyes lyrics

Elephant Eyes lyrics


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[Produced By: Omen] [Verse 1] Empty parking lot, I'm in my car, I scroll throughout my phone 4 am, I'm horny, drunk, I wonder who's down to bone Nobody replies and now I'm outside of your house all alone Selfish thoughts, bad intentions, I tell myself I'm grown If papparazi gave a damn about me Man I swear this here is like the saddest photograph to ever reach the ma**es Look at the stars, they're so galactic But see this love I feel for you is bigger than what they've seen inside their telescopes, incredible You answered the phone amazing I told you look out the window I know it's late but I had to see you I'm suffering through this syndrome Lovesick, these clubs mixed with gold diggers and birds That only wanna be seen in VIP and show off their purse You were different, always different You made me wanna be me, without the liquor I need you back girl, you were good, don't need these bad girls Remember you called me Elephant Eyes, I never forgot that nickname Remembering all them times we had, I sit here and I wonder how sh** changed These days I'm always recollecting, telling the world about my stories My crisis, my drama, all my love and all my glory Through these elephant eyes [Hook] You're as good as it gets I'll never forget Through these elephant eyes You're as good as it gets And I'll never forget, yeah [Verse 2] I done heard this all before, but I'm no sunshine Why are you doing this again? I'm not the one that confide How dare you come to my house, you got some nerve to even be calling me Telling me you still love me, when you're just in love with the thought of me Is she right, is it true? Am I really just stuck in a fantasy land of settling down, head in the clouds Naive, I've let go of gravity's hand No way, that can't be right I know what I feel, I know what's real I can't let go, it took years to build I laid my face in the steering wheel And to my surprise, she opened the door and I started smiling Took my keys out the ignition Damn I've been out here for some hours My phone was dead, the sun was rising You cut your hair, I love the new look, kinda hypnotizing Damn, I'm saying some corny sh**, just out here improvising But it seems she's letting down her guard, and this is a bit surprising She grabbed my face and kissed me and asked me, "Come inside" And before I could reply She grabbed me, pulled me in and told me, "This is the last time" [Hook] You're as good as it gets I'll never forget Through these elephant eyes You're as good as it gets And I'll never forget, yeah [Outro] They say roses are red and violets are blue We in a gray area, what color are you? What color are you? [Outro Skit] My son, I heard from him the other day, I was so embarra**ed. I gotta program his number into my phone so I can stop asking "who is this?". Ay, I don't, we live in separate cities, I don't know him that good. I think he 'bout 11 now. I explained to him what happened, you know. You know, I moved to LA, right as me and your mam was messing around, and you know it was either career or get to know you, you know, I gotta do what I gotta do. Yeah I don't know him that good, but he seems like a nice young man

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