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Okmalumkoolkat - Mega Milano lyrics

Feat : Mashayabhuqe KaMamba

[Verse 1: Okmalumkoolkat]
Supa Mega, noMilano (yah)
Golden Arches, like McDonald's (ishu)
Getting Euros, getting Dollars (cava)
Crossing over like Mandoza (wow)
Dala, dala, what you dala (dala)
Rocking shows, I'm getting guala (cav)
Tough flow, I'm from squala (cav)
Umunga gqwali usazogqwala
Um'unomona ungaz' uphalaze
Now I am blocking something bullies
Rocking slushes at the movies
Cava icombo looking stupid mhlobo mdee
Might just pull up in a combi
Cava the mpahla cav' the sbathu's
Abamaziyo bathi uMalume...
uMalume (x3)
I'm finessing said the president
Cav' umswenko I'm the president
I'm the dumbest musicalinea
Skywalker call me Anekin
Soze ng'khohlwe nje nge elephant
Cav' the combo I'll embarrass you
Now I'm drowning in mtswaps
I don't talk to no mtswaps
I'm forever Boyz N Bucks
Twitter toffo living lux
Independent nawe uyazi mnandi shandees
Siyenz' umswenko all the time

[Chorus: Mashayabhuqe KaMamba]
Manje siyabangena everyday
Mega Milano [?]
Mswenko Mswenko siyenza iColour filim
Ooh Ay, Ooh Ay, Ooh...

[Verse 2: AKA]
Out of pages in my passport
Barely made it to the airport
Thank the Lord I got a black card
Activate it from my laptop
I know when I reach my destination
[Lyrics from: https:/]
They gon' treat me like a rap god
Every time they make him hit the stage
He go up in flames like a Samsung
Mlazi Milano
He coming through with the models
Let’s go mano e mano
Hop on the jet, make it all back tomorrow
Come take a shot
I’m at the bar with a whole lot of ammo
You gon’ need some Panado
Tonny Montana not Tonny Soprano
Life is looking like a movie scene
All I do is get the guap
Everything I do is super clean
That's mswenko on the rocks
Beaching used to be a fantasy, now it's slowly at the top
I think it's time to smoke a ceratin G's, 4:20 on the dot

[Chorus: Mashayabhuqe KaMamba]
Manje siyabangena everyday
Mega Milano [?]
Mswenko Mswenko siyenza iColour filim
Ooh Ay, Ooh Ay, Ooh...

[Verse 3: Okmalumkoolkat]
I'm at the top, Kilimanjaro
It's tough at the top bring a bow and a arrow
I'm in the South, call me Milano
Fans in Lilongwe they calling me Malume
Fans in Harare they calling me Malume
Fresh out Maputo, mshana nguMalume
I'm in Nairobi, nabo macheese
They cava the lingo, they cava the shandees
I'm at the top and hyenas are coming
Smiso Zwane something from nothing
Me and Supa Mega combo ekarini
Cav' iSpova Gang
Spilling Hennessy I pray for the balling
Lot of you balling don't have no insurance
Land on my feet ntwana cava the balance
Fak' iDepo then ufaka loBalance
Ngiphethe iSauce mfana cava loGalings
I celebrate and pop a a hundred bodlelas (x4)

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