Okmalumkoolkat - Galileo lyrics

Galileo lyrics


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[Intro] This one shows you pose threat to this one This one will make that one into [? numb] Future mfana Zulu computer [Verse 1 - Okmalumkoolkat] Milano it's nice to meet you Has the sauce, ngish' i-juice Heh uphush' isintu Japanese isintu Future mfana umlingo Cancer to your speaker Leaping like a leopard Faster than a cheater Blacker than a panther Majestic like a tiger Milano is a Leo Nje ngo Galileo Milano yis'mangaliso (hahaha) Milano yis'mangaliso! [Refrain] Diamons, Gold, Amber, Jazzman Hop onto my carpet, baby I'm Aladdin I can show you the world I'm Peabo Bryson Licence to k** a mocking bird with my iris I'm shambok, wireless, I am Micheal Jackson Moonwalk, smashing the freshest [?leg] snappers Ashes to ashes to all the camera flashes Oh snap, his fashion, the combos are on acid [Verse 2] Swa*king, dazeling Dancing non stop Low top, fade Brush cut, chiskop 2Bop t-shirt Cats yeah I choreograph OMG, oh my gosh Sick like p**nograph I know but sometimes I'm off but my swagger never off f** off, on and off Chicken dust imnandi i-sauce Mmm, imnandi i-sauce UFO, flying saucer Mastermind, ukhand' i-sauce This is rap, [?] This is rap [?] [Bridge] [Continuation of Verse 2] I am silver fox, riding on a silver horse I am Chuck Norris, kwi-Delta Force Running through the forest like Forest, in my Forest Gumps Met a bumble bubble gum, sh** u-MacGyver [Outro] Hahaha Special edition Ntswembu kakhulu, ntswemb, ntswemb, ntswembu Future mfana I told you cats I can rap better than you (ha top shop) Probably wrote that like 10 years ago Nah you a problem my boy, Mlazi Milano Shambok wireless, world wide Future mfana, Sky walker Anakin International Pantsula (across the univers hawe ma) Or you can just call me uMalume (Your uncle)

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