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OIUYTRGFH - Lyrically Leveled lyrics

[Verse 1 - KW]

Memories of when I was little; so young. No one listened
But I remember listenin' to someone bumpin' out that system
3k and Big, goin' all out. Spittin' wisdom
Playin' every night, like that shit was my ism
You can't help but hear and feel that rhythm
If you ain't ridin', then you're making yourself a victim
Now, If I could wish for one thing, it wouldn't be world peace
Why wish for it if we still don't understand each other's needs?
I'd wish for confusion and hatred to decrease
And all my enemies would stay deceased
And I'd become a star, like I'm inclined to increase
Memories of haters with insults that's handpicked
But I spit back, with poison, with arsenic
Whenever they spoke, I would always lose my shit
But now I'm lyrically abusin'. Old habit's been kicked
So now whenever I'm hurt, I snap back so quick
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Lookin' back in the future. I know I'll feel repent
For not allowing messages to be sent
Not saying it without certain peoples consent
But I'm alright. I know you need darkness to reach the light
But I'm in a dark room with no wood to ignite
So I stay closed up, workin' my brain til I break
Cause even if there's no wood, I'll put a hole in the wall today
-All these niggas are dogs, and these girls are bitches
So they're chasing a bone that those above us are pitchin'
Until someone opens their mouth and they all start flinchin'
I'm tryna tell you girl, don't run with a lie--
'Cause that shit's like scissors
You can't hide the truth, you're why I got a fucked up liver

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