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OIUYTRGFH - Basics 101 lyrics


I only want to vent. But it's always taken as anger
Probably because you wanna act like an anchor
Let me go, let me roam. 'Cause you can be a stranger
Or I'll physically remove yo a**; Manual Labor
See, I felt like we were neighbors
But over that time frame I saw you was becomin' lamer
I guess you thought this was a game. So now you a gamer?
If it was then, I feel like you were my second player
Now it's like I say: "f** you!" when you're in danger
‘Cause you pushed me off the edge. And I had to hold on and dangle

I hate you! Memorize that tone
I hope you hear it and cry to him over the phone
I hope you lash out and do something drastic when you're alone
That's the sh** that I thought we had outgrown

But now I'm being childish, putting it in a song
I mean, you thought it was game. I'm just try'na play along
This game was played for almost 4 years long
And when it's brought up, we'd act like nothing was wrong

So, my heart has been torn. But I know it's for the best
I can show you real quick what it's like to be heartless
Check my chest
No matter if you're North, South, East, or even West
I'm gonna scream: "f** you!" until we both go deaf
You're no good for me; not the other way around
‘Cause I bent over backwards until my body wrapped around
I really shouldn't have listened when I heard that sound
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I'm fed up with your bullsh**! So I gained a couple pounds
And It may not be fair, for me to share
Everything you've done and give you the "Asshole" hat to wear
But I mean, hey... I actually cared
Let's be friends? But this is some sh** that can't be repaired
So f** you and everything your life stands for
Actually, you ain't never stood for sh**. So sit down on the floor
And it's not like It's something I've never said before
But you're a W-H-O-R-E! (Whore!)
Oh my God! Are you offended?
Get the f** on! My life is something you ain't attendin'
I mean, you can come back. But not now. You're still suspended
I'm gonna turn the other way whenever your name is mentioned
You try to hit me up. But even over text I feel the tension
Then people wonder why I always hit myself with that question
‘Cause people wanna beckon and plead. And act like help is what I need
But just as me and you, we always disagreed
And they don't stop until it hurts and a n***a start to bleed
Monday through Sunday I stay handling myself
Reading old chapters. then close the book and put it back on the shelf
And confine myself back to this inescapable cell
Y'all always want it done. But it won't be done by itself
You gotta step up and gain the courage to ask for help
But that isn't what we want. And it's never what we hope for
My brain is a harder maze for Dora to explore

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