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OG - Sail (Remix) lyrics

[Intro Jeremy Martian]
"Whatever happened to the spirit of competition?
Nowadays mother fuckers are all about their connections
Who they know
What I know is I'll win any rap battle I step in to

[Verse 1 Jeremy Martian]
This for the fans, this for the haters
For local rappers who feel they're adjacent
I'm destined for greatness, heard that life changes
I'm blazing Jamaican my bitch is amazing
I'll sail like a steam ship, y'all know who the beast is
If y'all ain't talking money then y'all talks ain't mean shit
She's white but she throws it back, I've seen poor ain't going back
I've done more on one track then you've done in your whole life
I'm holding on to get by, grew up way too fast
So stressed smoke two packs, but I'm so blessed it ain't to bad
Copping two chains seeing two faced bitches flying on my spaceship
The time came I stepped up, that's no games and no fucks
Strung out and too young to be going in this damn hard
Finna take my fam far, like I'm starving i gotta eat
Need fat pockets for fast cars and bad women with double d's
Just to be alive is a miracle but ya boy ain't no role model
I bottle pop, take off start fading till I'm gone off that strong
Its been too long come turn me on awe yeah


[Intro Jeremy Martian]

[V2 O.G.]
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“YO, Carny let me loose off the chain I'm insane
You've been lame, me I'm at the top of the food chain
I'm outta control yo, this flow finna blow
Hoes coming back when i go, nut on their spines yo
I hit hoes,i rip shows, straight through zip codes
My dick so big, gotta stand on my tiptoes
Trick hoes 'm, skip those
Quick to flip flows, but bad hoes hit those, off the leash and I'm at it
I'm rapping like I can't have it
I got these squares running in circles and
Their headed straight for their caskets
When i grab the mic and just use it
I show em all how I abuse it
Light that rowdy fuse on queue
And I'll make everybody just lose it
So i could show you the ropes, I'd rather use em as a noose
And leave you hanging by your throat before I throw up the deuce
Dog I'm a time bomb, you should've seen this before
Soon there'll be mushroom clouds instead of CD stores
That's cause I split atoms from the way that I rhyme
Like I'm creating and innovating scientific design
I'm a kamikaze zombie headed straight for your mind
And you can't stop me motherfucker cause I'm one of a kind
You can't block it, so stop it, or ill pop the top off this socket
And launch a rocket while you're walking and lock it onto your pockets
Detonation is imminent, quick to diminish your dividends
And leave you finished with no way to replenish your diligence
I'm lyrically spherical, you're cinnamon square like the cereal
I'll spit clear till you hear it to let you know you're satirical
So it seems to me that you're the tribute reaped for me to eat
Cause these games just make me hungry like i smoked too much weed”

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