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OG - Midnight Cypher at 9:43 lyrics

[Background: Nikko B.S.]
This is the last time, dude
If I don't do it I'm done

[Verse 1: Nikko B.S.]
My name is Ody, self-explanatory
In court getting judged by the fucking jury
Attack your nurse while I'm dying on a gurney
I can't get rid of the cops like they're fucking herpes
They're all fakes like a church sleeze
Playing mother Mary after she's on her knees
At the church play, praying over STD's
While she's thinking about her college fund
Going straight to double D's, Jeez
Please, just stop the B.S
You may not like me cuz it's me inside my chest
But with me what you see is exactly what you get
And I'm actually a decent person, best secret kept yet
But everyone shies away like I'm a deranged vet
My mind's a train-wreck, emotional roller-coaster
It didn't vacate my brain as I got older
I continue to soul-search but the world just gets colder

[Verse 2: AKskillz]
So I'm chilling with the crew and they told me to spit it
Thought for a minute then said yeah, I'm with it
Rolled up a bar and the O.G. lit it
Passed it around and everybody hit it
Heads started bobbing shit got dope
Ten commandment style, this is what God wrote
Yo, square, get with it or get lost
Just like a salad, steady getting tossed
I came to bring the real, so it's been brought
Mind like concrete, never going soft
Always hard to the core, hard to the brain
You're fucking up my high, go get schooled on game
I got hella street knowledge cuz I chill with O.G.'s
Ody's, steady rolling up trees
My whole crew brings bitches on they knees
So wassup, ho? Don't look at me funny
Fuck ya life I'm out for my money
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Hitting quick come ups, for some nice cash
Pistol whip you then it's road-runner, time to dash
Shady .380 got death in my sock
Better have a key cuz I got shit on lock

You hit it that one, bro

[Verse 3: O.G.]
Not even on B.E.T. just a crook stealing beats for the elite
Like Robin Hood this a verse of pure talent throwing off the balance
Conquering tracks with 40's and mallets
Your bitch with my dick, call her Alice
Looking for a chest to cap
Wrong turn end in her ass
Smoking grass with a caterpillar
Burning bridges, breaking pillars
8 ball like I'm playing billiards
I'm familiar to you squares
Step in the octagon or be out my circle
These wolves are known to hurt ya
Game is known to break ya but
I'm a yay-doer never will
Weight-mover making bills
Always taught to rob and steal
Fight and deal, get caught never squeal
Save the whining for the pigs
Save the bullshit for the pigs
See you there with the black Mercedes rims
Matching watch on my left limb
Driving with my right even though
A Ginga been drinking all night
Spitting all night at that bitch in the tights
Pretty lips with the matching eyes
Kinda bitch you gotta surprise for a second try
So I leave her like my trees, get high
Not in it if I have to try, probably why
My dick dryer than the fire that I walk
Big talk that I talk, back it up with ya face
Smashing on the block
Stripper Neck, Broken Nose, Fire Foot, Deck Life

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