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OG - Brain Is Braun lyrics

(Verse 1) (R.U.I.N.)
Must be video cameras I'm causing a scene/
Lost In dreams/ my style on parole, broke out of jail free/
Yeah yeah I'm on U of T/ and York Keele Campus map/
Rhyming lecture, yeah yeah this be for real and f*ck rap/
Listen, my position is Afghanistan/
No English, Soviet, Taliban or American/ goes
With every one of their intricate half-ass plans/ shows
That can ever make me move from where I'm standing/ woah!
I'm gonna seal your crypt/ deal with it/ read me like an
Wide Open book, too bad so sad you're illiterate/
I'm the ballistic/ mystic/ every track I'm spitting is cryptic/
Except this/ accept it/ or I'll take your wack record and wreck it! /
Act with knowledge/ cause y'all sure acknowledge/
I demolish/ like a Facebook status, there's no dislike option/
I'll Pop pimples on your brain/ while you're simple and plain/
I hit the ground running hard while you're limping away/

(Hook) (X2) (R.U.I.N.)
Brain or Braun? / My brain is Braun/
That G on E, that's why he's gone/
Didn't catch the pun? / Spell it out/
My brain is braun, can't sell it out/

(Verse 2) (Prince EA)
Every journalist I'm conversing with
Knows my verbiage is superfluous
I came from the firmament
Way before the birds and fish
My cursive script creates life, kinda like a hydrothermal vent
My deep literature reaches extreme temperatures
I don't do autographs I leave my heat signature
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Breath control like a rebreather its ridiculous
Sweet Jesus he brings demons and heat seeking Greek legions with each speech
And now you knee deep in it
Thinking im' cheef keef, bleep bleep keep listening!
Im Deep like what's beneath the sands of Egypt
Deeper than Stanton Friedman
Deeper than an amniocentesis on the fetus of Jesus
Deeper than Trina's vaginal regions
It's so egregious they can't believe it
Ha…..well take your time and spell it out
My Brain is Braun Ill never sell it out

(Hook) (X2) (R.U.I.N.)

(Verse 3) (O.G.)
I've invested my time and drawn the fine line
Overdosed on reality falling from cloud nine
Now I plan for the future, live for the moment
The poison that is poverty is all too potent
Men drink away all the stress of the day
An old woman walks by me begging for change
I know many a man who stash crack and pack pistols
Plenty of friends who turned rat, mad issues
To put is as a curse is something that I'll never do
I put it in to words but don't place me on a pedestal
These are just my thoughts and they're something that I will express
Never dumb it down cause my pride is in my intellect
Never the less, I rep for my set
West end, Mabelle, Reality Check
This is real hip hop, ink to papyrus
Catch me in the ends rolling up with the pirates

(Hook) (X2) (R.U.I.N.)

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