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OG Smooth Central - Laid (Intro) lyrics

1st Quarter

Take A Seat
I been waiting patiently
These niggas can't keep pace with me

Im just being realistic
I pic-stitch, words together like an instagram picture

Blame it all on me, but i beg to differ
You just heating me up, ima let it simmer
Its been 9 months you still can look in the mirror?
So ima flow like water, i hope you see it clearer

Visions of a young cash money getter
A young trend setter
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Play this back in some years I bet ill be a legend
Fuck the opposition
Low-key feigning for our position I'm Rodman with it
In the post because time is ticking
Im too legitimate to be compared to these niggas when
They shit not rare
Go ahead and try my style bet you'll stop right there
OG Smooth in some fresh Nike airs
I guess its just my year
Im bout to buzz like them new lightyears
She just my type so yea.. Hola at me
Im done with the past, Done looking back
My foot on the gas

If you trine get in then leave all of them bags..

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