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OG RunAway - Wit It lyrics

[Hook: OG RunAway]

She said she's never done it
Now she f**ing did it
Only took a night
Now she all wit it
Now she all wit it
It only took a night
Now she all wit it

[Verse 1: Jeffé]

If she all wit it
Then we all wit it
I'm not the type to get too involved wit it
You know if I hit it
I let my dogs hit it
Just game ma
You know them small gimmicks
Foreign car in my garage
All … in it
I paid for this sh**
I ain't have to rent it
If you ain't talking money
Probably mind ya business
I came to motherf**in' k** it
Got my n***as in the back with the strap we on
Still beat a n***as a**
Come and catch these homie
k**ers go off like acne
Don't …
Pistol popping off all in ya acne
n***a don't try and run up
I'll get real reckless
If he coming at me
[Lyrics from: https:/]
I'm coming for his necklace
b**h I don't give a motherf**
I been spitting this sh** cause a n***a grew up


[Verse 2: CONNOR]

Yeah she really wit it and she tryna get make digits
Just so I can take her home
No gimmicks like a scrimmage
Then I lay her on my linens
Lord forgive me for my sinning
But tonight…
I'm bout to ball like Sky Diggins
And there ain't no split decisions
You can start but you know that C Wiig is gonna finish
So I make that sh** surrender
All around the clock
Never drop like a cinder
I'm the sh**
Don't you remember?
Swiping right with her finger
Tryna find the boy on Tinder and she hoping I DM her
Said I could eat that sh** for dinner
Winner winner and that shorty know that I'll deliver
So I let the feeling linger
She hit Mariah notes like she wanna be a singer
Get it from the back
I call that a fender bender
Then I tuck her in like the dick on Bruce Jenner
She wit it…


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