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OG RunAway - We Up lyrics

[Hook: OG RunAway]

When you do it
Do you do it right?
Come on n***a
Look at our life

[Verse 1: CONNOR]

I've got my feet on the ground
But my head's in the clouds though
Might spit a little foul
But my words astound though
They play em real loud though
And my momma proud though
These b**hes get to tripping when they hear my sounds yo
Yeah I kick raps
Balance six cla**
If I got the time
Then I work on my six pack
And I like to spit fast
I think you need to get back
Halitosis from your lyrical aerobics
Sink in quicksand
And the proof is in the bars
How I live on the daily
And shout out CloneFree
Cause you know we going crazy
I be kicking sh** like Pele
Full-fledged attacks
I don't play with this melee
And my sounds banging like a parade
No Mayday
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These winters getting bitter in the Mitten
Need a vacay
You see me
Ain't no stress here
I drop bangers
And they wear their head gear
I'm bout to make a mess here
If this falls on deaf ears


[Verse 2: CONNOR]

I'm too saucy wit it
Wise mind beyond its time
Marcus Garvey wit it
I bury beats alive
Aziz Ansari writtens
And you dudes is outdated like Atari systems
I'm somewhere in the stars by mars
Next to Bruno
Eating rappers up like Cujo
I know my raps fat like the belly on Juno
You need to bring a bottle of the Nuvo
For all my senoritas
And I ain't talking bout a gla**
Bring it by the liter
This message that I'm sending something teachers couldn't teach us
We're climbing up the ladder to success
They just watch
And wish that they could reach us


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