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OG RunAway - Solo lyrics

[Intro: T-Pat]

To the real niggas that been to the bottom of the valley
And the top of the mountain peak
This one's for you

[Hook: T-Pat]

I done been up
I done fell off
Everybody wanna be the top dog
Lil nigga claim he a cutthroat
Shit get real
He would jump boat
And I'm…
(I'm solo
I'm solo
I'm solo
I'm solo
Bitch I'm on my Polo)

[Verse 1: CONNOR]

Grab the beats and the squad
Cause we bout to make this shit bang
I'm in for the long haul
You tryna make some quick change
Your vision kinda blurry
I think you need to switch frames
Tryna redirect the game
But in which way?
I switch lanes
Remember way back when
Before I thought about the pen?
Back when I was tryna get some ends
Out in Brooklyn
But that shit ain't make me Ben
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Didn't get me that respect
So I called this instrumental up
And broke its fucking neck
C Wiig on the beat
Bitch I bet you was impressed
Working hard all day tryna make that progress
Tryna build myself a life that's free of the stress
Tryna show these doubtful fuckers
Why I'm the motherfuckin' best


[Verse 2: CONNOR]

I write so I can reach em
Fans they seeing through the uniform
They want the game, no bleachers
Preaching louder than them tuba horns
Keep Connor in yo speakers
I keep it OG like I'm cuneiform
Til the day I meet the Reaper
That's straight from my aorta's chorus
There's a storm coming
And my mind is at the heart of it
My name in ya mouth?
Shit that's some free marketing
Keep a humble mindset
I'm giving you the starter kit
Departed from the bullshit
Call me Billy Costigan
Her body Coca-Cola
I'm bout to fix her up
Dime piece in disbelief
Five speed, high beams
And I'm shifting with the clutch
And you need some Visine can't see me coming up

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