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[Intro: T-Pat] To the real n***as that been to the bottom of the valley And the top of the mountain peak This one's for you [Hook: T-Pat] I done been up I done fell off Everybody wanna be the top dog Lil n***a claim he a cutthroat sh** get real He would jump boat And I'm… (I'm solo I'm solo I'm solo I'm solo b**h I'm on my Polo) 2x [Verse 1: CONNOR] Grab the beats and the squad Cause we bout to make this sh** bang I'm in for the long haul You tryna make some quick change Your vision kinda blurry I think you need to switch frames Tryna redirect the game But in which way? I switch lanes Remember way back when Before I thought about the pen? Back when I was tryna get some ends Out in Brooklyn But that sh** ain't make me Ben Didn't get me that respect So I called this instrumental up And broke its f**ing neck C Wiig on the beat b**h I bet you was impressed Working hard all day tryna make that progress Tryna build myself a life that's free of the stress Tryna show these doubtful f**ers Why I'm the motherf**in' best [Hook] [Verse 2: CONNOR] I write so I can reach em Fans they seeing through the uniform They want the game, no bleachers Preaching louder than them tuba horns Keep Connor in yo speakers I keep it OG like I'm cuneiform Til the day I meet the Reaper That's straight from my aorta's chorus There's a storm coming And my mind is at the heart of it My name in ya mouth? sh** that's some free marketing Keep a humble mindset I'm giving you the starter kit Departed from the bullsh** Call me Billy Costigan Her body Coca-Cola I'm bout to fix her up Dime piece in disbelief Hole-in-one Putt-putt Five speed, high beams And I'm shifting with the clutch And you need some Visine can't see me coming up Wa**up?

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