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OG RunAway - Skywalker lyrics

[Verse 1: CONNOR]

I've seen the devil
He only wears Prada
While you keep it Luke
I'ma be the Skywalker
But joke is on you
Cause I'm probably ya father
Medulla oblongata from Mrs. Amidala
Whatchu know about Wiig?
Cause ain't nobody f**ing with the kid
I been making these bars like Newton with the Figs
And she attracted to me
That's Newton with the Phys
b**h you get the gist
But I been wondering
What C Wiig been pondering
Cause that boy right there
Man he up to something
Turn up percussion
Until they feel concussions
And if you the sh**
Then you know that I'll be flushing
And I'm like ayeee

[Verse 2: OG RunAway]

I'm like aye
Yeah I gotta get my mind right
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Fire up some Dodi
Then I hit this thing like prom night
Like aye
Where the red-bones and some blonde dykes?
I heard they eat each other like some Klondike's
Yeah alright
Doors wide open on the foreign hoe
Swerving through them lanes every which way I go
I'm with my partner
Said he got a couple Tinder matches
Couple miles away
And said they've got the fattest a**es
Hit em up like, “Where the f**ing party at?”
Riding through this b**h
You know I'm banging Cartier
Fetty talk
n***as out here Fetty talk
Talking all that sh**
If it's bullsh**
Tell yo a** to walk
Hit the scene
Riding with my team
(We got that sh**
We banging out
We got that money

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