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OG RunAway - Same O lyrics

[Hook: Marco Park$]

Same o, same o
b**hes s**in on the same o, same o

[Verse 1: CONNOR]

I'm telling you
Don't f** around with Connor man
Turn ya life inside out
Then call that sh** Juwanna Mann
Skating on the griptape
I'm popping Benihanas fam
Dropped the mixtape
Yo momma play it in her van
You ain't true to the craft
I see right through it
It's translucent
I go stupid
sh** is easy like I'm Ruthless
Got my shield up to Cupid
They abuse it
Now I'm chilling out
Writing raps to this music
And this is how I do it

[Interlude: CONNOR]

This is how I do it
I'm vibing to this music
And this is how I do it

[Verse 2: CONNOR]

And we let the speakers knock at ungodly frequencies
Around these Jackson blocks
Normal hobbies is delinquency
I'm filling my anatomy
With quantities of Hennessy
The pack in
That's the remedy
I gobble all my enemies
And handshakes don't make friends
All this sh** is strictly business
I've been plotting since Miller
I ain't talking bout Quentin
If we ain't talk progression
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Then I don't pay attention
Don't have time to listen to that bull like Scottie Pippen

[Interlude 2: OG RunAway]

Scottie Pippen on the court
Yeah I'm balling
Money calling
Foreign whip, foreign b**h
Riding state to state
I'm balling
Bitties on deck
Player …
Gotta call from plug
I'ma sit and count it up

[Verse 3: Marco Park$]

In the club
Gotta bad b**h twerk
s**ing on my dick
Then she on top
Then she jerk
She be slurping all on me just like a Slurpee from Dairy Queen
And she be mad at me
Cause I'm on that ...
b**h and I got Connor with me
You know he the schizer
I gotta bad b**h behind doing lines off the table
And it's all caught up
And it's all piled up
I'm the motherf**in' man
And now it's all smiles bruh
Used to being hated
I'm not dated
I be skating on these datings
p**y n***as mad at me
Cause I ain't waiting no more
I ain't lying
I probably decline you if you lying
Tell yo people that I went behind you
And you know where to find me
Case closed
b**hes s**ing on the same ole dick
I feel bad for you
Me and Connor taking off like rocket ships
You be on that hating
We balling
John Stockton biiiiitch


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