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OG RunAway - Paid lyrics


b**h I'm paid
That's all I gotta say
Can't see you lil n***as
They money in the way

[Verse 1: OG RunAway]

b**h I'm paid
What more can I say?
Gotta bad b**h chilling
Butt naked out at the lake
On the boat, we take a stroll
Eating ocean bread for days
Bottles of exotic liquor
Her body's an escapade
I get drunk off all the love
From n***as that f** with us
I can't see you hating n***as cause the money in the way
We going
n***as see us going
Got this sh** on lock and you n***as out here been knowing we got…

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[Verse 2: CONNOR]

Today I'm too paid
Cause I work like two slaves
Just me and my team
That's true say
All you other dudes is too lame
Tryna set to me
That's an oop-say
I'll treat yo a** like a groupie
Get back or get ya top chopped
Just like a toupee
Call me Ernie Banks
That's two games
Living out a suitcase
Ya girl want me
I say, “Okay
We can do this one of two ways
Yo we can go to Los Tres
Touchy-feely in the driveway”
C Wiig they just watch me
Oh my God I am a nutcase


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