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OG RunAway - Jupiter lyrics

[Verse: CONNOR]

My Hawks made the Cup so watch me Johnny Toews it
A letter to you Wings fan
Please stop hating
Top floor lifestyle
Recording from the basement
She wanna pose for the camera
Baby get naked and watch me as I blaze this
Feeling quite Jamaican
Reefer got my eyes low
Looking like I'm Haitian
Go snuggle with yo bitch
Get more cozier
Take ya ass to church like yo last name was Hozier
Don't make me push up on her
Make them cheeks rosier
And yo sounds is wack but our speakers stay Bosier
Drink ya liquor up
Oops that means boozier
70s shit
Get more groovier
Alright I need some Rellos
Let's take a trip to Wesco
Juking down the street
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You can call me Barry Melrose
Ditched the tie-ups and got a pair of Velcros
Hit you with that Fetty like, “Hey. What's up? Hello.”
My life is very lively while your life is grimy
And I got the baddest bitch
Looks like Blake Lively
My flow got you itching
Shouldn't fuck with poison ivy
Lyrically destructive cause it's rap game Mike Tyson


God is on my side so I ain't fuckin' with Lucifer
Elevated minds like we landed on Jupiter

[Outro: CONNOR]

I'm telling you to stop it
I'll really steal yo bitch
The girl you tryna snag already crossed off the list
She dropped on all fours and gave Lil Wiig a kiss
Nah, fuck it lemme stop
Cause I gotta take a piss
And I'm out…

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