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OG RunAway - Cruisin' 94 lyrics

[Verse: CONNOR]

Off the top of the dome piece
You know that it's CloneFree
These rappers try and roast me
But I am not poultry
Laid back in my upholstery blowing on an OZ
I hit a quick ghostee then blow a couple smoke rings
My rhymes is really dope so I couldn't pa** a piss test
You know that we get this
Ain't no Hall & Oates but I'm a man on a mission
A man with a vision
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Sit back and just listen
Million dollar smile so you know I let it glisten
Father got me wristin
Smile across my face cause of this life that I'm livin


Pull out the drive and cruise down 94
I got the windows down just to let my hair blow
Couple broads wit me cause you already know
Straight out the 517
You know that's fasho

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