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OG Maco - OG Mac lyrics

Feat : Uno The Activist

Yea I got the 'sama pack, they like OG Mac back
Take yo sh**, don't give it back
Plug my gang, I'll give 'em back
Me and Zay is back to back
Gave them hell, now give 'em crack
Yea I got the 'sama pack, they like OG Mac back

[Verse 1]
They like OG Mac back, I'm like when I ever left
Went into the j**elry store, and left out with the whole shelf
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If I ever quit this sh** I'll prob call my old chef
Turn back to my old self, 5-5-6-6 2-2-3-3 plus 4-5 I keep on myself
Probably not the hardest but the hardest can get shot to d**h
I work by my damn self cause n***as talk like build-a-bear
Neck look like a build-a-burr, this sh** sound like Guwop
Yea free Guwop, pray he free next year
I remember countin' hunnid thousand way before you guessed it Girls say I'm the real deal next, they just want the dick
Try'na rob Imma spray this tec, you can get the clip
OG Mac, I'm f**ing back, and still won't run and 'cross the map


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