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OG Maco - Live From The 3 lyrics

It's some sheisty a** n***as where I come from
Holding that 49, hundred blunts
Piano bar, I seen a n***a shot
Know some young n***as spraying out drop tops
Finger on the stove, cooking hot rocks
On the flats looking like a hotspot
Turn the wifi off, you might give 12 the drop
What the f** you mean, b**h I stay with Glocks
I know these n***as say they is, I know they not
I know these b**hes think they is and no you not
Man you and your friends used to s** my cock
Now and you and your friends run around in my car
Don't want to be a star
Just get the money, split it with my n***as
Me and Junior used to ride out
Now we heading straight to the saw

49 hundred n***as choppers
47 AKs and rockets
Man I'm living live from the 3
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Mani I'm talking live from the 3
Shooting lights out from the three
Man I'm talking live from the 3

It's straight offense, man it's offense
We ain't playing D, your offense
It get you so quick, so k**ed
Oh my god, oh my god, you was laminated
Shining damn, it's f**ing shining
Where is Johnny, dang?
Like Liu Keng, I'm floating when I kick it
And I don't get specific
I'm over there, by the such and such
Moving with the what you call it
If you talking hit him with the

Live from the 3
Live from the 3
49 hundred block
49 hundred block
Live from the 3, OG Mac

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