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OG Maco - Undefeated lyrics

[Hook: OG Maco]
How they �posed to win [5x]
These n***as keep on asking, these b**hes keep on guessing
But how they �posed to win, how they �posed to win
See these n***as hating, see these n***as faking
That ain't how you do it, b**h you gotta prove it
How they gon' win [4x]

[Verse 1: Zip K]
My main b**h just got a b**h, damn b**h, ain't that bout a b**h
b**hes running game while I mix Hennessey and Gatorade by the bench
How these n***as finna plot to win, Maco boy it make a lot of sense
My main lady lost some booty weight, told her come back to me when she not as thin

[Verse 2 � Zip K]
Midway Package getting so expensive
Lucky a** straight got some quotas in it
n***as popping and they know they're sinning
Sorry I don't pay them no attention
All my sh** I rap I rap for you
Girl that sh** ain't true and b**h you know it isn't
Ride the shotty girl with nappy papi
Head on the yacht would make the captain happy
Sex my fashion, I'm a dapper daddy
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Only pageant baddies in the paddywagon
I might pull over, f** a b**h in f**in traffic
OGG, this sh** is f**ing tragic
Pull them n***as corpse up out the f**ing casket
Then re-body bag them just to put them back in
How they gon win my n***a
How they gon win my n***a
I don't give a f** bout your new sh**
I'm not your friend my n***a

[Verse 3 � OG Maco]
Stripper [?], pot full with gold
This the life of doing what you want
f** what you're told, losing getting old
Money getting more, [?] k**ing Manziel Kennedy
b**hes feel me like some tight brakes
Ripple ripple now we start the wave
Trickle down how you getting paid, that's a damn shame
How you bossing with no dossier, we been bossing n***as every play
Going for it when it's fourth and 8, first 48, now the record's straight
Tell them n***as we gon regulate, tell them n***as we gon regulate
Tell them n***as that it's all ours but them f** n***as they gon still hate


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