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OG Maco - Seizure lyrics

[Hook x2 - OG Maco:]
Rifle shaking like a seizure
Feds coming, f**ing seizure
I don't know, I got amnesia
Baby s** me, she a pleaser
Leave em shaking like a seizure
Finesse school, I'm the teacher
Forty with me like a feature

[Verse 1 - OG Maco:]
Bread, chicken, [?] piece in
Got impossible, she come and try to see me
The frying, call the [?]
There's some deadly b**hes, leave you headless pimping
Horses on the whip, you don't see the color
You just head dip, ain't going inches, it's just the tip
When we going in, get the castle bricks, get the [?]
Get the loot and lumber, get the pen and palls, speaking on the hundreds
Get the game of [?], motherf**er
Called the walking dead, I pick up these [?]
Real in my [?] and all on my muscles
This pain in my heart, and [?] for the struggle
Lesson learned, want a million checks
Know some n***as good 200 thousand
Some in the feds, some who cook that parlor p**y
[?] the power, [?] till you fall in love
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I'm a show off to you, [?]
Dripping swag, I might leave a puddle
Smoking gas, till they sweat the hustle
Get the p**y but I never trust her
Situation shaky, eating off the muscle

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2 - JerZ:]
My rifle shaking like an earthquake
I got fully autos and RPGs
My name is my birth place but I'm still quick to go overseas
Just to talk to the plug, I ain't talking bout d**
And we might jack a bug, since we talk about sticks and them slugs
But that's just nature, if me and Maco out I highly advise you stay in your house
Cause that's safer, all my n***as on the same sh**
Anybody k**ers, we just laugh at haters
Like Maximus, that's a miss
My radius, yeah I'm a gladiator
I k** p**y, you a p**y n***a
You should k** yourself, you a masturbator
Three pistols on me right now, I just wish I had an extra hand
Three eighths on me right now, I just wish I had a kick stand
Yeah everything is all good when you in the mob
[?] I feel I always got to keep a strap like it's my job

[Hook x2]

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