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OG Maco - Road Runner lyrics

Damn man, Bro you been getting money bruh? Lemme get some money witcha Bruh... I heard you OGG and sh** (Ya'll n***as be getting money) Bruh
f** with me bruh, Bruh call my line Bruh

[Damn Brandon]

I been road running Monday to Sunday all I know is Hundreds [x3]
And my n***as get that money, mansion flexing, opera Stunting

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[Verse 1 - OG Maco:]
When I wake up in the morning I see zero's on my line, when I hop on asphalt I can never waste my time from 75 to 85, yeah I'm known to take them trips turn a dollar to $250 yeah I'm known to make them flips, Turn $250 to 10 racks it only took a couple trips, where my sponsors and my patches? I'm like NASCAR driving laps, if you ask me where I'm at, I say "n***a ask the map" if you need it I'll cash it but I gotta take that cap


[Verse 2 - OG Juinor:]
I've been road running so my tires gone (I can't feel it), I been smoking gas I got one Lung (WTF!), Travel land, sea, or air, Money-Triathlon
Yo money jog in place so you can't see my face my section full of b**hes and they bad but not siddity, If I find out that they zero then I gotta take em with me, had to hit my homie Tony he just cashed a n***a out, Juinor said he had a Woop so now I'm mashing to the south (OGG) We don't talk nothing but money like it's Franklin's in our mouth, If you try to take my sack put that 57 on yo' scalp, Live life that's my family OGG the f**in' gang that's why I spend so much on gas, shoulda bought a f**in' Range (Damn!)


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