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[Verse 1 - OG Brylan Kerr:] Random tears, this sh** so real, right That sh** got real, like look I'm cooling, I'm kicking back, you know how I react I'm shooting, say we some style, say word I want it all, foreign cars, Audemars We popping bottles on the Mall I throwed off a space, thought I'd land on Mars Neighbors with them Jacksons, see I'm so high can't fly in your direction I'm tweaking for a second, she s** me up for hours Them hoes be all on my line, knowing all of my lines Doing all of these lines, THC and 8ball, say word, I'm just tryna live I'm just tryna live, all we know is ball Rest in peace to kin, money stacking tall Get above the rim, naw I don't hoop no more Still balling on you fools, OGG, OG Mac like sheesh (AAH) [Verse 2 - OG Maco:] Who woulda thought it'd be all on me, Mac Curry from the three huh Black mask like LeBron with a broke nose sh** I had one too, had three hoes What I did in there, sh** only God knows Did dirt with some vados, and some real n***as Keep it trill so when I go, knock knock when I burst through [?] Unfortunate a** n***a in balls deep, I know they only angry bout foreplay Cause money just a means you initiated, and the [?] We just ask em what's the bill like the house waitress Never get weed past the [?] Faded on my line like a car way [?], and she half naked Damn bro last year they was playing favorites We was playing Chess sh**, wasn't tryna let us breathe Now we at their necks, that was on a tweet [?] come from [?] God bless, and this runway fleet with an OGG crest f** the cops, tear the city up less, gave them sheesh, what's next Nothing much to em, bust, show bucks different sh**, same fest [Outro - Maco:] Couple movies and Jacuzzis in between f** the other side f** the other side Riding from my team f** em, f** em, f** em, yeah yeah Now they want more, now they want more f** em, f** em, f** em, yeah yeah OGG, now you want more, OGG Now you want more, now they want more

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