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OG Maco - 2 Bars lyrics

[Hook x2 - OG Maco:]
2 bars mixing with the sprite, I'm like yeah yeah
Jolly Rancher mixing with the lean, I'm like mm hmm
Guaranteed to give her good pipe, she like yeah yeah
Young n***a tryna live life, I'm like mm hmm

[Verse 1 - OG Maco:]
2 bars dropping in the sprite like an Alka-Seltzer
Harder than a n***a in a summer sweater
God damn, you ain't know no better
Jolly Ranchers at the bottom so it tastes better
Bad b**h, but I got a [?]
Maybe that's your main b**h, I ain't really catch it
Throw it and pa** it
Send her to my n***a, put her back to ash
Xan in the sprite, got me feeling crazy
Living lazy, but I been working crazy
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Got the babies, life is f**ing crazy
What they doing on the f**ing [?]

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2 - ManManSavage:]
I'm off a Xan, doing the [?] dance
Look in my cup, this ain't no contraband
I need a lil help with what I'm saying
But that don't mean I need an echelon
Just pa** me the double cup, and go pour n***a
I'm on another Xan, and where I'm sleeping where I stand
I'm balled up, I'm [?] up
The Xan got a n***a really f**ed up
She f**ed up when she let me f** her
Cause I'm a savage, she know I don't give a f**

[Hook x2]

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