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OG Maco - 2 Bars lyrics

[Hook x2 - OG Maco:]
2 bars mixing with the sprite, I'm like yeah yeah
Jolly Rancher mixing with the lean, I'm like mm hmm
Guaranteed to give her good pipe, she like yeah yeah
Young nigga tryna live life, I'm like mm hmm

[Verse 1 - OG Maco:]
2 bars dropping in the sprite like an Alka-Seltzer
Harder than a nigga in a summer sweater
God damn, you ain't know no better
Jolly Ranchers at the bottom so it tastes better
Bad bitch, but I got a [?]
Maybe that's your main bitch, I ain't really catch it
Throw it and pass it
Send her to my nigga, put her back to ash
Xan in the sprite, got me feeling crazy
Living lazy, but I been working crazy
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Got the babies, life is fucking crazy
What they doing on the fucking [?]

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2 - ManManSavage:]
I'm off a Xan, doing the [?] dance
Look in my cup, this ain't no contraband
I need a lil help with what I'm saying
But that don't mean I need an echelon
Just pass me the double cup, and go pour nigga
I'm on another Xan, and where I'm sleeping where I stand
I'm balled up, I'm [?] up
The Xan got a nigga really fucked up
She fucked up when she let me fuck her
Cause I'm a savage, she know I don't give a fuck

[Hook x2]

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