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OG Maco - 12 Bricks lyrics

12, 12
I just found 12 bricks
Sheesh, damn
Looking on the side, honor roll
There they go, 12 bricks
Finna make it flip
Gotta make it count
Oh my God oh my God, what the f** I'm a do with that?
12 bricks, is 12 after me?
Can't let 'em catch me
Can't be another number
Can't get another fumble
So f** n***a just fumble
12 bricks, damn

Trapping trapping
Take 'em to the trap, gotta get the trap
Came in plastic wrap, gotta split it
12 bricks
In one lick
On the side of roads, 12 bricks
We just wrapped it up
In one lick, 12 bricks
Dammit, what we got here?
Set up shop here
They took a loss
Made myself a boss
(Had to go and get it)
Had to run it up
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At the double cup, it's high tech in it
12 bricks, they will make you rich, they will make you wealthy and you can get it but you gotta keep it stealthy if they find out
Shooters outside of your house
Over 12 bricks
In one lick, 12 bricks
Found 'em on the road
Wrap 'em and they go
12 bricks
And 12 bricks
In one lick
Damn, I had to go
12 semi behind me
Lights keep on flashing
Gotta that 30 on me, I mightblast it
Oh no, oh no
I think I'm crazy cause I got a moment
One side door, two side door, got one inside the pa**enger
2 inside that b**h, huh?
Did you add it up?
I didn't add it up
Throwing 'em out of the window, I can't throw fast enough
And it's 12 bricks
For one lick
Found them on the road
Had to make 'em go
12 bricks, sheesh

f** 'em, f** 'em, f** 'em
12 bricks

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