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OG Maco - Unleash The Kraken lyrics

[Produced By Cardo & Johnny Juliano]

[Verse 1]
If life will come, well let's check the stats
They got some but we got plenty
Rifle rounds will make a n***a shimmy
From the south right there in the park
K's will catch 'em, leave ya partner Kenny
If you want to take it there, you a cub and I'm a bear
I'm a beast, I'm a monster, I'm a savage, hard to manage
Looking, looking, what do we have here?
It's me and your b**h and her toes curled
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Her nose numb and she dick drunk
Little b**h want to hit something
Bumbaclot bop, she a average thot
Numbers on the board, little to a lot
I ain't eating, sh** is unfair
Tried to tell 'em I'm their nightmare
I'm from Elm Street and we don't play fair
I am what lurks in the deep
Unleash the Kraken, captain captain
I just sunk your ship
Why you pushing buttons? Why you in my mix? [?]
Been to hell and barely made it back
Got no demons, call him OG Mac, yeah yeah!

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