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OG Maco - Sheesh 2 lyrics

Life Life
OG Mac
It's crazy, it's like it came so fast so short dog
We knew the:

[Verse 1 - OG Maco:]
You cry before you laugh about it
Don't be reckless, think before you spaz about it
You gonna drive yourself to ruins try'na grab that Audi
I'm working twice as hard, to you to me I'm barely trying
I'm speaking all facts while they barely lying
Teaching young'ens g-code after fonix
Them streets gonna be around that's if you really want 'em
Just know this life has plenty pain and many days storm'en
Bunch of cloudy rooms and you are rarely asked a question
More sh** is a**umed, and everybody want they bless'en
We just try'na get our own salad extra dressing
East St. Loin you can smell it when I'm sweating
A nine to forty five and the lord is my protection
I'm a chase this greatness, just use your latness, this my latest
Say the same word everytime I see my haters
And f** these skemeing b**hes while they lie they'd locations

[Chorus x2:]
Same n***as I came with
Same n***as I bang with
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Same n***as I came with
Same n***as I'm getting change with

[Verse 2 - Johnny Cinco:]
Yea, yea, yea, yea
New b**h, new pimp, I want new roley
Same wrist that done cooked pot
Mid-pound of them zip-lock
Got a pound, no zip-lock
Do'en flip flop, realest story I ever told
I [?] I ever sold, I ain't never told
Real n***a from the bottom
Stay down till the autumn
Me and OG back around, back a [?]
Young nagga ball'en hard like we [?]
Young n***a with a lot of money
Young n***a with a lot of homies
[?] still posted to the west
Every b**h that's a bless
Hundread bands I'm finesse
Young n***a young n***a
Made outta the street
n***a I was dest
Young n***a, young n***a
Made it from the street
n***a, noth'en [?]

[Chorus x2]

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