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OG Maco - Churches lyrics

I got angels with devilish features
Harpies geekin on narcotics, coughin coughin
Backed this dress so I can nut on her spine
Super squirrely, she got nut on her mind
Want to f** me just a couple of times
Pitter patter, why you driving round' here?
You know the way it go
f** you mean, "take it slow"?
You know I can't waste a minute
Seconds adding to the sentence
I just f** her until she's numb
Why the lil b**h in her feelings?
OG Mac been in the [?]
She spin on my dick like a frisbee
Heard you f**ed her for the digits
I'm just food for her soul
She come to Mac, get replenished (Mhmm)
Pretty picture painter with my pride
Pretty p**y got a winning smile
And I did it right, working, damn I'm loud
n***as quiet cause we making noise
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Golden boy, Oscar or a Floyd
Holy sh**, we in the field
I'm in this lootin like I'm Sly Cooper
Ratchet with me, make a clank
What the f** you think?
Tell a papi how I read em
If they don't join us, we gone beat em
Couple thoughts locked away
Young n***a freedom, Young black Jesus
Making profit preaching wisdom to sinners
Begin to ending, both like Christmas
Young and gifted, money's major
Make em love me with my anger
Every song another banger
Why the f** they never tame him?
Murder murder murder, barely blame him (Mhmm, yeah yeah)

[Hook x2:]
I got angels with devilish features
Harpies geeking [?], often chasing profit
I got anger problems, I be squeaking
But everyday is like the weekend
Mhmm, yeah yeah [x4]

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