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OG Maco - Boss Up lyrics

[Verse 1 – Brylan Kerr:]
I'm on a [?], selling round [?] assessment
Life is such a rocky road, you asking where that captain
We say fuck that shit and hit a lick and let's get active
We all up in that field, when shit get real you don't want no action
Smoke a zip, I guess we fucking your bitch, now let's get active
Real live niggas, all we tryna do is function
Baby girl, load up in your trunk now where you park it
Girl let me see it, you ain't here for no reason
Screaming you a high bitch, ok now you a high bitch
Ok now first thing you notice Ferragamo round my waist
But baby girl that's ok cause I'm that man and that [?]
Spending hella euros, yeah you cute, what's up with your friend though?

[Verse 2 – OG Maco:]
Sound like, Piers [?] in the Aston
Double O seven, O double G captain
Spazzing, for lack of better terms, just go in
All this commotion just promotion
Niggas sitting over there hoping
God please don't let this bastard make it
Incorrect statement, parents still kicking it
And as for my downfall I'd have to jump off cliffs bitch
No chance, smooth operator, bumping shawty while I bake grams
Great plan, masterful
Bar set high like an NBA arena goal
Manifest, full chrome manifold
Platinum Forgiatos, sitting under that
Type of shit'll make your haters ponder it
Wonder if, they did what you do just what could come of it
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Meanwhile, I ain't heard none of it
Focus occupied by them dollar bills and profiting
Collared greens and cabbage shit
Soul food tunes make your spirit get an upward lift
I remember getting five downloads on DatPiff
Frustrated, how I'm underdog to this weak shit
Upset, run the score up like Tetris
Best this, and if you can't compete you should accept it
It's nothing like a nigga in his feelings acting feminine
Remember when them posters used to wannabe like her and him
Odds a little different
Just looked up to myself in the future tense
Present tense, spitting shit that'll have you needing dentistry
Mention me, follow me on twitter, let your mind free
Still the free minded son, Kelly going Spike Lee
June passed [?] and picture books
And player asked me, been counting guala since the damn hook
Killer in my pupils, staring contest, have your master shook
Red hood and waist vat, joker came out of that
No you're walking [?], slick where I'm [?] that
Definitely what a legend got, made in a [?]
Trade a million fortunes just to get my brother Dale back
Last name Mattox, had to honor him and put the Maco in front of that
Rewind, relapse, y'all don't understand, splurge live as long as I rap
Live life gang till my soul fly in dirt naps

[Hook x2 – OG Maco:]
Well I been chilling, planning, plotting real quiet
Be silent with your moves to survive
Behind the scenes, lurking, working, man I'm tired
Boss up pussy nigga or get fired

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