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OG Maco - U Guessed It (Key!) lyrics

God damn, boy, that n***a Mac didn't never call, bruh
But I'm seeing that n***a everywhere, bruh
Dog, you know they say n***a went Hollywood and sh**
f** that n***a, dog, OGG, f** is a OGG? OGG, OGG, aye, bruh
I mean, you don't think that n***a really getting no money, right?
I mean, he ain't really f**ing hoes, right? Well, damn

b**h, you guessed it
Hwah! You was right
b**h, you guessed it
Grah-grah! f** n***a on sight
b**h, you guessed it
Still in that place and I'm flexin'
Hwah! b**h, you guessed it
I'm still with my n***as, come and test us, OGG

[Verse 1]
b**h you guessed it, walkin' around with extra in my pocket
b**h, you next to us, why the f** are you next to us?
b**h, you should come test us
I seen what you rockin' and b**h you can't dress with us
Seen what yo b**h looked like
And n***a I wasn't impressed or nothin'
f** n***a, come and talk it out, f** n***a, we ain't talkin' it out
What the f** we finna talk about
All we know is that Mula, Benji's, Franklin's and that Guala
Fetti with us, bunch of young n***as
Bunch of them b**hes all in they whip, lickin' on titties
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Runnin' my check up, I think I'm with Nike, I'm sprinting
Sheesh, y'all couldn't hear me
b**h, you guessed it, you was motherf**ing right

b**h you guessed it
Still with my n***as and we flexing

Aye, uh, aye, uh, aye, aye, uh, aye

[Verse 2: Key]
I bought my b**h a Birkin Bag so she could hold my f**in strap
That b**h be heavy in my pants and I don't even like to sag
I'm going hard, I'm going hard
Sniffing out the f**ing plate
My momma tried to make me dinner but I already ate
These b**hes lying, I seen the molly in her eyes
Plus I made the play, boy I'm Matt Ryan
I can't eat no breakfast
Fall asleep in intersections
Stoner, Smith and Wesson
I hope he's a pedestrian
Man man lay low in the dip
When you see him let it rip
When you hit him, boy, lets dip
Amalfi Coast, let's take a trip
Ima call me a singer
Ima make her pack her bags
Imma send her a** there
But I ain't gonnna send her a** back


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