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OG Maco - The New Kid lyrics

(Verse 1)
Popular opinion, pick me up against the legends that we had
You ain't dad, just an old a** n***a
I don't wanna lose control, a** n***a
While we rollin', smokin', buyin' extra liquor, got my vigor
Rigamortis in your motion, my n***a
I came to change lives, really, all jokes aside
Just here standing as a line, as I stroll by
May the rivers run red, honor roll tie
Racist crackers be my daddy, tried take his eye
And now we thinking f** ‘em, cuz his son's stuntin' every night
Went from drivin' buggies to drivers after flight
And life is so amazing, made me write this when I'm tired
But if this is my exhaust, then how the f** they gon' survive?
The survival of the fittest, and they swettin' too much
There's a bunch of extra feelin', fear they flexin' too much
Thousand eight grams of that Mexican dust, my equivalent
Homes are long gone like a voyage, out celestial
No clientele, nor scale, where you workin', holmes?
n***as ain't bussin', black jack's where they bustin', domes
I'mma let ‘em breathe for a second, lot of us deceive for the checkin'
Fly till yo wings get clipped, young Ic
You are lookin' at the sun and gettin' blinded by the brilliance
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We just lookin' at these songs and trying to turn ‘em into billions
Every n***a in my village used to pillage for the profit
Meaning y'all cannot stop us!
Rise so fast, I'm thinkin' y'all cannot clock us
Calvin Johnson, Devin Hester, n***a, y'all cannot block us
Blocka Blocka Blocka go the sound of the choppa
In LA eatin' grill, Maine lobster
Allegoric alibi, accomplice sick
I get on every track and vomit
Same color money, my projectile
f** these petty people, No erectile
Mad because your effort left you let down
Dire situation when the check round
Giving daps and pounds ask for any help
Then blow up my phone up when you was blowin' your own check
Safe to bet, that's a n***a only in it for himself
Man, on some pennies from the wealth
Cup of Henny for progressing
Very special Maco thank you need addressing
Cuz I'm liable for ten through second
Drizzy held it first, I respect it
But I never been the type to see a goal and not get it
Ronaldo Ronaldinho how I kick it

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