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OG Maco - Mirror Mirror lyrics

[Verse 1: OG Maco]
It's bout time I was your Hugo behind
I got a bright mind, solar flame when I shine
That shindigs, I find I b**h and recline
In due time I'll be breaking her spine
In meantime I'll be breaking your mind
Free em, carpe diem, copping denim just to go and put the brand on
Out the beetle, feed your people, just know when it don't forget to put your mans on
I was eating so abusive, so abusive to these baby backs and prime cuts
Chasing beef, we got you saying damn
Pop a planet, got me plotting limbs
I'm a taurus, so it's f** the bull
They ain't for us, then it's f** the rules
Whoever won't remain, whoever let him
Look what happens, I'ma f** with fetti
Replacing the wrist so the game prosthetic
Shock your critics, and they why you so electric?
Dealers and feelings, based in logic and I rarely heard talking
Let's move the topic, in my city walking [?] posted
Gas and pills, tabs and purple lotion
When life gave me Abshire, hustle lotion
So much pain and loss to put the plan in motion
[?] my n***a you not fee
Pull your card and my n***a you not G

Mirror mirror mirror on the wall
OG Mac will teach you how to ball
Mirror mirror, tell em how it go
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Keep it 100 and get the dough

[Verse 2: Kushy Stash]
New n***a with the trigger, got a fetish
Getting fingers, hitting licks in the winter
Once I dish out and the cash come in
Got to make some more ends so the stack getting bigger
Imma buy me some d**, hit it with the remix
On some G sh**, this that swag sh**
At the cheapest, might get you n***as one hit but f** it
Every day I doubted, went and put on for my n***as
And if my n***as want to win they better get to winging
Manipulation with concentration
On the right target, it's confirmation
To finesse quick, no hesitation
Ahead till you cash out b**h, yeah
Yeah you want to live, you want the crib
You want the car, don't even trip
Cause once you start you only climb
No decline, so get your shine
Yeah, cause this the time to get a [?]
And best believe you heard it, [?]
You got that sh** from Kushy Stash
And best believe I taught you how to ball

Mirror mirror mirror on the wall
Kushy Stash will teach you how to ball
Mirror mirror, tell em how it go
Keep it 100 and get the dough

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