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OG Maco - How I'm Feelin lyrics

[Produced By Twan]

[Hook – Skippa Da Flippa]
Say you want to have a talk, well let's talk millions
Tryna get to the billions, M&Ms in the ceiling
Only rerock the op, free c**aine when I'm dealing
Thanking to god when I'm mealing, the diamonds are k**ing
So this what I'm feeling, this what I'm feeling
Tell you how I'm feeling, tell you how I'm feeling
This how I'm feeling, tryna get a million
This how I'm feeling, this why I'm dealing

[Verse 1 – Takeoff]
This how I'm feeling, I feel like a million
That's why I'm dealing, she digging my pimping
Double cup Actavis that I be drinking
The doctor he said it be k**ing my kidneys
Pour up a four so a n***a can feel it
F&N hollow tip, the clip extended
Trapping and dabbing, I'm making a k**ing
Living, had to supercharge my Bentley
Talking bout me like I murdered a n***a
So I'm k**ing n***as, no witness
I seen a million but came from a penny
24 karat on my neck, Egyptian
You n***as be flexing, you more like a character in a library section called fiction
I just bought a mansion with 100 acres
A pool and Jacuzzi, that's just how I'm feeling
I came a long way from stealing, living luxury in the mansion
Our location cost 100 million


[Verse 2 – Skippa Da Flippa]
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So there's no more chilling, just grinding and dealing
[?] slab at the [?], for my family I shout like Prince for the Pistons
Say you want to have a talk? Well let's talk them dividends
I know my father watch over me, and my angels are heaven sent
And I can get lyrical, a n***a getting spiritual
And I can take you back to the bando when I had to put water in my cereal
But I can get trill, and this sh** can get real
How many M&Ms do you want young n***a?
Do you want it? would you k**?
So you in your feelings, b**h you in your feelings
I thought we just f**ing, but you want in on my millions
Single cup sipping on codeine, kicking sh** I got a 30 on me
None of these n***as they want it with me
That's how a young n***a feel honestly


[Verse 3 – OG Maco]
This how I'm feeling
MC Hammer, got the micro Uzi, it'll blam you, it'll hit you
God damnit, god damn
This how we living
f**ing your b**h, she telling you she at home
You know what she doing, you know where she going
You should check her phone, uhh
Got a couple pictures in it
Yeah yeah, QC the label, we winning
Ooh ooh, OGG, it's OG Mac, came from the back
Uh, now we on top, now it's going like a car
This is what you cannot be, this is what you cannot stop
Glock 17 in my ride, 30 clip aimed at his car, yeah yeah
p**y n***a want to try if he want to gamble with his life
I don't keep the desert I keep the AR-15 with the acog sight


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