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OG Maco - 30 Hours For Pablo Dylan lyrics

I heard this out in Paris, you believe that
Ye got a young nigga on a relapse
30 hours

[Verse 1]
I'm in the streets with the kids and a Mac-10
Trying to tell 'em do better, choose good friends
A hypocrite in every hero
I'm using every damn wish [?]
[?] sleep better
Pity me if [?] get wetter
Cause what's a win without the controversy
Why they only call you punk when they feelings hurting
That fake shit make a nigga nervous
There's something bout spaceship [?] make purpose
I'm bout to order up [?] service
She's with me for the kids [?] learning
Doing tricks, got a private circus
Make me cum all in that pussy cause fucking earned it
From play maker to [?] maker
[?] art tonight baby we face painters
[?] out of the way trainer

For about 30 hours
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About 30 hours
30 hours

[Verse 2]
She going one of two ways and I win in both
She going one of both ways off the strong coke
Spirit bomb was the new hope
The money make us unaware like a good joke
A nigga play hella hell with these white folks
I been to heaven more than once it's my [?]
You know they say what the top be
Now try to picture a nigga there that's not me
I know nigga, I know nigga
They got me [?] just started blow nigga
Tryna make stars out of normal broads
Why you making getting naked in this photo hard
[?] Rick talking to Rick
And Rick don't even wear shoes on some country shit
Straight to smoking weed with Mike Dean
A secret sesh with Vader Kush and we can't breathe
I never feel like voicing in your conversation
Steady making waves, check the [?]
All in due time we'll renew patience

In about 30 hours

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