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OG Maco - 2015 XXL Freshman Cypher Pt. 2 lyrics

[Verse 1: GoldLink]
Yeah, b-tap hit the beat drum
Don't smoke it all baby, give my niece some
My n***a get the super wise, my n***a get to rising
n***as eat the pot pie, n***a we was starving
Dreaming 'bout a fancy b**h up in a fancy garden
Ralph Lauren, hope that I can meet Garvin
Rock a n***a if he talking crazy, maybe, maybe
Maybe I can teach her right, damn sure I can eat you right
Eat you like I'm eating pizza, baby I might have a slice
Baby I can climb up on ya like the Eiffel tower
We can have a baby, baby, have a baby shower
Sick of paper chasing I was racing when I had the power
Over everything like powers in your panties boo
'Cedes coupe, I just make my songs so I can cater to, cater you
Roll up out my pocket, I will pocket you
Bible truth, you are like the sun but you are brighter boo
Wanna go to college to be you g-gynecologist
Yeah baby, I'm so, I'm so proud of you
Fly that you, we eat, we k**in', we winning
Yeah I'm a villain boo
Pop a n***a senseless, this sh** got me driven like...

[Verse 2: OG Maco]
Gave 'em hell now I'm on double-X L
And I ain't write nothing for this cypher, cause that's dope I could sell
All this from a fold and a scale
Set in places with that trap and that sk**
Check in the mail, I told my n***a check his bail
And I could get him out
But I could get him out the trap forever n***a, what this 'bout
I thought rap could save n***as
I thought paid n***as were saved n***as
Man they ain't no brave n***as
Where the hearts? Where the lions?
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Where the n***as who walking in the dark
I see these n***as throwing signs
But I ain't really seen no spine on 'em
Working for the bankhead
sh** I'm rapping for the Black man
Let's start a riot, all my children can't breathe
It's like that asthma inside them
I'm just tryna make a new way
Uh, these n***as fake like these toupees
It's OGG, you know we got that new wave
[Verse 3: Vince Staples]
Buy my mama Gabbona to fight my black anguish
Few hoes I been known, known on Backpages
Selling they mother nature
I ain't no preacher n***a
I'm just a viewer on the streets you was afraid to visit
Live your life through my lyrics
Now watch me paint this picture Jabari blood on my easel
My homie died through the negligence of the policeman
You can't tell me no different, I still can hear him screaming
He was barely a teen
And Jesus couldn't save him, so I barely believe
Give the levees a break and watch us all drown in the sea
That Moses had parted
We wasn't part of America's dream
Safety inside my momma's arms
That, or grabbing firearms
We seen the way the ghetto react
Throw it on Viacoms
Veins went dry once the game went viral
I heard they don't mean what they say, well f** it, I do
I feel as if they never seen no n***a like me
Doctor King had dreams of n***as like me
Or more like nightmares
Hanging out the window, breathing in the night air
Aiming at your temple, I never said we fight fair

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