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OG Frowzy - Tan Cressida lyrics

[Verse: 1: KINGROYCE]

Yeah, I live by some advice this girl Keeshaya told me
The other day Keeshaya told me that she missed the oldie
Which made me question when I went missing
Or when I started treating my friends different
Maybe it was the fast paced switch up, or the t guns in my face during the stick-up
Maybe cuz the girl I trusted set the whole sh** up
The fact I haven't seen her since they locked Big Rich up (Free Rich)
Same time I'm quick to forget
I'm bout to roll me a blunt with my list of regrets
Burn it all, burn it all, I'm starting afresh. (Burn it all)
Cuz half the time I gotta write and I probably guess
Did I just trade free time for camera time?
Will I blow all of this money baby hammer time?
I just need some closure, ain't no turning back for me I'm in it till its over

[Verse 2: OG Frowzy]
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Sitting back strumming the notes on the guitar
Just an open minded beast piffing cancer through the cigars
Its the NG gang hitting you with a miráge
That's G, I'm just F dropping some vocals and the bars
You see, three eyes so I am open to the past
Thats G, but I'm high as f**ing dolphins in the stars
But thats me, lowkey poetry got me intuitive
Probably hear the bars and she be thinking like who is this
Finesse crew we the team and we as new as sh**
I got K, BC & couple n***as who with
If there's beef: call of duty then and some Tokyo Drift
See if it's beef it's call of duty and some Tokyo Drift. (x2)

And you can tell i was high when i wrote this
Wavey, i part the red sea down with Moses
Having conversations with Jesus, Mary, and Joseph
We dabbed, and we hit a few blunts, bet Judas smoked it

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