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OG Frowzy - Boosting In the Attic lyrics

Tell 'em that we're doing drugs, doing drugs
Tell 'em that we're doing drugs, doing drugs

[Verse 1: OG Frowzy]
Pass me the cup
Pass me the rozay
Pass me the bottle
Fuck it pass me the whole tray
I've been smoking on that Arizona for almost the whole day
Your girl screaming high-notes, I'm giving her low-key
Ouchyea' sippin Codeine, that's the slow me..
Last name Frowzy, first name OG
She said baby you tipsy, I said baby, I'm OK, I'm leaning on that Codeine and I'm juiced up just like OJ
Puffing herb, hit my nerves got me super swerved
Cruising curbs, puffing skunk got me losing word
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Don't wait for a bitch nigga make a move
I be getting hella chicks while you getting curved
Get them sexy words in, get that Zesty burning
Get that sexy girl in blue she's obsessed with flirting flew from a concert out to London, we was midnight texting, I'm fucking high and I'm fucking flexing

[Verse 2: BeatsByJayy]

Faded, Damn-it you know that we faded
When it comes to the weed, you know we smoking the greenest, greenest of herbs and you know it's the meanest, Ohh yeah!
They tried to track us, I'm just catching seizures, now we on another level, drop you off at Venus
I know that you want to get high, Pass me the bag, Viscine is kicking your eyes, I know that you like it girl, don't tell me no lie. Now we got everybody here doing drugs, doing drugs, doung drugs, yeah they doing drugs
Your mama doing drugs, yeah she doing drugs
Your papa doing drugs, yeah she doing drugs
Your sister doing drugs, yeah she doing drugs
Now the whole family doing drugs, yeah they doing drugs

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