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OG Frowzy - Avenue Lifestyle lyrics

I hustle for the future and my family
Listen, I'm tryna be a millionaire before my niggas have to carry me (frowzy)
Actually, (listen) I'm tryna be a millionaire before they set my nigga jazzie free
I told my girl that she's my wife she ain't even gotta marry me ('llow dat)
And she said will I ever stop and I said gradually
I got this and then I walked off casually
You might see me in a black [engine turns on] moving like sons of anarchy
Made my own money I don't never take charity
Fucks a mans face, I don't never take bada g
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Who's the man that tryna bada me?
Nine times out of ten? That's a casualty
Niggas telling me I need to get a record deal
I was like, "brother [?] couldn't manage me"

Zoom (zoom)
Niggas said they wanna take me out I'm like who?
Fools, they gonna make me start jumping out the bushes like boo
Scrapz is back part two

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