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OG Frowzy - Avenue Lifestyle lyrics

I hustle for the future and my family
Listen, I'm tryna be a millionaire before my n***as have to carry me (frowzy)
Actually, (listen) I'm tryna be a millionaire before they set my n***a jazzie free
I told my girl that she's my wife she ain't even gotta marry me ('llow dat)
And she said will I ever stop and I said gradually
I got this and then I walked off casually
You might see me in a black [engine turns on] moving like sons of anarchy
Made my own money I don't never take charity
f**s a mans face, I don't never take bada g
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Who's the man that tryna bada me?
Nine times out of ten? That's a casualty
n***as telling me I need to get a record deal
I was like, "brother [?] couldn't manage me"

Zoom (zoom)
n***as said they wanna take me out I'm like who?
Fools, they gonna make me start jumping out the bushes like boo
Scrapz is back part two

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