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Odunsi 'The Engine' - Desire lyrics

Chorus (Odunsi)
She my desire, travel round the world just to find her
Omoge wa gbe me saya, gbe me saya (x2)

Hook (Odunsi)
Ma lo sa, Omo ma lo sa oh yeah
Omo ma lo sa oh yeah, mo fe to ju eh (x2)

1st verse (Funbi)

She's getting ready k** the lights
Whatever we do we don't let nobody know
Together we're the right size
I sure don't wanna leave you
Keep the rhythm at your pace girl
It's alright
We can make a new song
Work all night
And we can ride a wave
The ocean bed is where I'm heading to
And if I ever lost you
There will be no distance too far to go
Cos you're the one I run to
Ko s'elomiran it's only you
Don't wanna be without you
Can't spend a day without you
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I'm always thinking 'bout you
Say you'll give it all to me
You're my desire

(Chorus & Hook)

2nd Verse (Tay Iwar)

Hey, maybe
if I don't listen to myself it'll be dangerous
baby, save me
you said that you would
only the ones who don't recognize sadness are living in true happiness
there's no reason to be all alone
but you don't even call my phone
you're all that I desire girl
sun set dreams when you cross my world
how can I leave you alone, that's not even possible
when I tell you how I feel
In my mind
In my soul
true wisdom

(Chorus & Hook)


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