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OD Yung - Firefly lyrics

Now when they see us on the streets
All they wanna do is take pics
And I'm like, okay (yeah, okay)
And when they hear us on the beat
All they wanna do is make hits
And I'm like, okay (yeah, okay)
And if you're feelin' like I'm feelin'
How the world should be: perfectly
Fire like I'm third degree, and suddenly
Shawty, we got so high
Fire Fly

[Verse 1]
Back in the day, I wanted to make music cause my brothers did
But now I do it cause if I didn't I wouldn't live
I got sk**s like a dolphin
So much flow to spit it's gettin' stuck and got my coughin'
How exaustin'
I'm black like a solar eclipse and like Boston
I don't give a ma** a two sh**s
About the phony think they homies til I cut you off
So like a coney I ain't pay for man you not my dawgs
I got ambition, to be great as a state and I state to you fakes that you lackin' in the heart place
And I'm attackin' til you star gaze
You see my action is smashing you maggots cause you will never fly like a charred plane
All the way, around
And I've been tryna spit hot as the summer sun makin' you hallucinate and sayin' "Wow!"
And now you sweatin' like a n***a pulled a gun out
I'll keep spittin' til a lung out
Cause everytime that I'm out


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I'm tryna illuminate and accelerate
(Shine and strive)
Tryna stay bright, like a fly
Firefly (Firefly)
These n***as still think I'm kinda fly
(Kinda fly?)
sh**, Underrating me huh?
(Y'all trippin man)
Still think I'm playin' games I ain't playin games, I'mma show you what I mean
(Le' go)

[Verse 2]
You see my pa**ion for rappin is everlastin'
I can't slip off my game like shoes with great traction
Stereo stay blastin'
Haters stay lashin'
But I will remain pa**in' all you ho a** rappers
And crush you like crackers
You all below average
I'm tryna live a dream but Inception closed the pa**age
So now I'm livin' life like, I only gotta fight, right?
And soon I'll be the one like What happened to Mike and Ikes nice
I'm so bright
But I don't change like strobe lights
My flo might but it stay tight like hands during a fist fight
I'm down to earth but I stay fly
Don't space out
Cause you see I'm filled with unllimited data which keeps me so Major like that n***a Lazor
I'm tryna make this paper
So if it ain't bout money, my nig you better stay far
'fore I do yo a** like baseball
And make you run home and tell em that I mean business
Cause all I do is work, Life Fitness, I'm in this n***a

[Hook x2]

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