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OB Rhymez - Liberals Invented Herpes lyrics

Yo, it all started with me and my dog Tina,
We lived in Argentina,
She got Ebola,
I started Coca-Cola.
She Died,
I cried.
Liberals invented herpes...X3
Damn Fam,
Liberals got herpes,
Conservatives got Trump,
Liberals got Bee Clinton,
Who's got a tendency to hump.
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Conservatives hate niggas,
And they a bunch of gold diggas.
But nothing tops the fact that..
Liberals invented herpes...X3
Coca Cola sucked up most of my money,
Conservatives took the rest,
And still nobody notices that Ebola is spreading,
From east to west!
So stop this niggatry,
Stop this fuckery,
And always remember...
Liberals invented herpes.
*Mic Drop*

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