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OB OBrien - Say I lyrics

I can do what I wanna
And make you a believer hear you say I
From stadium to street corner
I'll make you a beliver make you say I
And I can do what I wanna (I)
And I can do what I wanna (I)
And I can do what I wanna (I)
Make you a believer hear you say I

[Verse 1: Saukrates]
That little kid get a pass
He do it on the field and he doing it in class
See his homeroom teacher always put him on blast
Sayin hard work will pay off lay off ain't an option
So he watched him, never easy
Need a variety increase in this theseus
Lose one turn the clock back you can beat this
Cause you ain't never got nothing by sitting on your keister
Please sir, I want more, Oliver Twist on Broadway, sophomore
Follow your dreams tell this story when you off tour
An odd thought, blast off


[Verse 2: OB O'Brien]
They tell you white man can't rap white man can't jump
Black man can't be president or shoot no puck
You take all them stereotypes and rip that up
And this the song they gonna play when you win that cup
Je m'appelle OB comment t'appelle tu
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Funny Coloured Money thats my label thats my crew
I been grinding for a minute baby this ain't nothing new
Up north we call it skating leave the hating up to you
Shout P.K., what up P.K
He played in Hamilton I know he know where we stay
Now he with the Habs critiques tryna say bad
All I see a lotta "O" lotta "D" lotta swag
Grown man gon' ice that park
Young man keep skating 'till the lights get dark
Have Don Cherry saying that he like your art
And be the reason all the younger kids try your sport (Ahhh)

[Verse 3: Saukrates]
Now where you going younging
Your friends missing you a bit you always in to something
Used to play the monkey bars and now you missing summer
And coming back for the season like 20 pounds up
Telling em you're working it from the ground up
Short circuting your competition every round up
See I know something about it just turn the sound up
Building a mountain you lose count so if you down one
You a champion use it and lock it down
‘Cause nobody thought that you would prove it, your time is now
And forever and a day your family will pray
That you're doing what you want
Make em believe make em say I
Am part of the he say she say Mary red blue black white like I'm P.K
And if you didn't see the process
Take a picture treat me like the Lochness
Its on


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