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OB OBrien - Revolution / Energy lyrics

Chorus 1:
Revolution x 4

Verse 1 (DJ DAX):
War ready... All steady, settings to go, got my
Limits broken, we keep on hoping we never fold
Flipping through mags like a women's salon, bullets we packing, we aim at your dome
Coming through stabbing, rebel, I'm a savage, just watching the panic for revolution

(Ye-ah!) don't get dizzy; 180° turns
(Ye-ah!) let's get busy; 180° burns
Placed the track on the stove, got my skill in the oven
Now they think I'm super bad like my first name was McLovin

Revolution: turn of events, we circle the threats
Revolution: burn 'till it's that earned disrespect
Let me tell ya', scream it all caps, be the bomb blast
Fuh rizzay, don't want to cross paths with my Cross-slash

Buster, meet buster sword, plus I bust it for the Lord
I ain't fighting flesh and gore, David Boomin' wants some more
That's for sure, I got enemies, got a lot of enemies
But sometimes, don't got any cause I got so many frenemies

Let's start a revolution homie, Hip Hop is back
Many call it dead, but won't let God on a track
Oppression met it's end (hoo) hope will now begin (hoo)
Power's in our friends (hoo) Watch my RPM like that

Chorus 1

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Verse 2 (Kidrizen)

Chorus 1

Chorus 2
I got enemies, got a lot of enemies
Got a lot of people tryna drain me of this energy
They tryna take the waaaaave from a hitta
Never say I diiiiid - I'm praying for you, hitta

Verse 3:
(That's why) DJ DAX up in it, tell a homie bring it back
Need another minute just figure where I'm at
I'm that David explorador and my decorum's on the forums
(Saying) just one way to heaven, and my hittas got the map

...There's nothing better, serves like
Mary Mag but she looks like Kylie Jenner, brought my
Duffle Bag, filled with tracts yet I'm a sinner, so relax cause my
Past changed like Gasol when I put Christ at the center

(I got) people that be hatin', that's too stupid for me
You be stressin' 'bout the message, man I'll do it for free
I ain't PDR for nothing, it's so true you will see
I'm that AVR Forever, 72, I got my hoodie sweater

Energy on max, fists in the sky
Blood will start a running, but from who, you decide
I'm that two time record holding pro giving speeches
At the show, screaming next to Justin Bieber, Revolution that's fa sho'

Chorus 2

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